Cantù on the catwalk. Double presentation for sponsors and fans

Basket A2

In the week leading up to the championship, the team and staff will work overtime off the pitch. Today in Casiglio with the institutions and tomorrow in the square

A week in the championship, or rather less because the debut will be Saturday at 20.30 away against Urania Milano, at PalaLido. In the pre-season schedule there will be no matches but two presentations from S.Bernardo Cantù: one more institutional tonight and one in the square tomorrow.

What a chance

Two opportunities to introduce yourself to sponsors, institutions and fans. Too bad not to do it with a Super Cup in his hands, but for Cantù the adventure at the Final Four went badly, with the exit from the scene in the semifinals against Cremona.

It starts tonight, from 7.30 pm, with an invitation-only evening that will take place in Erba, at the Relais Castello di Casiglio. An evening open as mentioned to the sponsors of the club and institutions, with representatives of politics and administration. The vernissage will begin with an emotional video and will be baptized by the president Roberto Allievi, who will give the programmatic lines of the season and the company objectives.

There will be a hint of the state of the art of the new arena in Corso Europa, as well as the hopes of returning to Serie A soon. Expected, among others, also the canturino parliamentarian Nicola Molteni, the regional undersecretaries Antonio Rossi and Fabrizio Turba, the President of the Regional Council Alessandro Fermi, in addition to the representatives of the Municipalities of Cantù and Desio, in an evening presented by the journalist – and former basketball player – Alessandro Mamoli of Sky Sport.

Tomorrow instead, the S.Bernardo will literally take to the square to receive the embrace of the fans. The biancoblù people will be able to greet the boys of coach Meo Sacchetti and all the technical staff at 8 pm, in the central Piazza Garibaldi in Cantù. It will be an opportunity to applaud the players a few days before the start of the championship. On stage there will be journalists Edoardo Ceriani, head of sports services for the newspaper La Provincia di Como, and Alessandra D’Angiò, television face of Domenica Sportiva and Rai Sport, as conductors.

Similar programs

The program will not change much compared to the previous evening: the greetings of Allievi, of the sponsor Antonio Biella and of the Canturino Deputy Mayor Giuseppe Molteni are awaited. On the stage set up in the square, staff and collaborators, medical staff will parade, while the players will have a brief technical introduction and will say a few words before leaving room for the next teammate.

And who knows, in one of the two presentations, the new jersey may also appear, as always much awaited by the fans. Then, until Saturday, head to the championship and the first challenge that promises to be already important after the defeat in the Super Cup against Cremona. L. Spo.




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