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In the last hours it had been known that one of the four members of the Executive Committee of Deportivo Cali, Gabriel Robayo, presented his irrevocable resignation from the position. Which was made official a few moments ago, through the social networks of the Verdiblanco team.

“The Asociación Deportivo Cali informs its associates, fans, the media and public opinion in general that: Dr. Gabriel Robayo presented his resignation yesterday to the Executive Committee of our institution. We appreciate his time, knowledge and commitment to the Verdiblanco shield and we wish him the best on a personal, family and professional level”.

In addition, he says that, in the next few days, they will announce Robayo’s replacement, in the leadership of the sugar institution: “In the next few days, the Committee will announce the name of the associate who will succeed Dr. Robayo, in the governing body of our Association.”

What will happen if there is a new resignation in the next few hours?

The Executive Committee of Cali must be made up of 5 leaders with a president, a vice president and three members. At the moment there are only three people who are the president Luis Fernando Mena, the vice president Eduardo Calderón and the member Harold Losada. This is due to the resignation of Marco Caicedo a few weeks ago and that of Robayo, neither of whom has made his replacement official.

In this way, if another resignation of any of the three remaining members occurs, an assembly will automatically be called to elect a new committee, as is referenced in the club’s statutes, in the first paragraph of Article 24.

“When due to resignations or absences the Executive Committee is left with less than three (3) members, the statutory auditor or, failing that, Coldeportes, will convene the Assembly to elect the replacements.”

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