Busy Open Day at BAN badminton

for Sep 24, 13:47

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Today it was a busy, pleasant, active and sporty Open Day at BAN (Badminton Amersfoort Noord) in sports hall Icon. From just after the start, the visitors flooded into the sports hall. Many immediately got to work with the racket and shuttle and soon there was a cozy atmosphere in the room. BAN members gave the guests who were playing the sport for the first time some pointers so that the visitors quickly became familiar and managed to hit the shuttle nicely.

Under the guidance of the certified BAN trainers, the majority of the guests took part in the short training. Enthusiastic, full of dedication and with great pleasure, all exercises were performed. For example, visitors experienced that badminton is much more than a relaxing game at the campsite or on a windless summer evening.

All visitors received extensive information at the BAN and everyone went home with a surprising present. From 12 October, BAN organizes a 10-week starter training for novice badminton players. More information via or 06 – 83851499.



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