Brooklyn Nets in the 2022-2023 season: team, players, roster, schedule, preview and more

The 2022-2023 season from NBA it’s here. Y Brooklyn Nets promises again to be the protagonist of many stories throughout this campaign.

Those from New York ended up being one of the biggest disappointments of last year and also protagonists of a market in which there was much noise and few nuts. Now again they appear as title favorites.

Therefore, it is time to review the keys, the roster, the players and the Brooklyn Nets calendar in 2022-2023.

Roster, team and players | A key player | The story to follow | Calendar

Player Position Height (meters) Age Salary
Kyrie Irving Base 1,88 30 38.9M
Ben Simmons Base 2,11 26 35.4M
Patty Mills Base 1,85 34 6.4M
Edmond Sumner Base 1,93 26 1.9M
Seth Curry Shooting guard 1,88 32 8.4M
Cam Thomas Shooting guard 1,93 20 2.1M
David Duke Jr. Shooting guard 1,96 22 dual contract
Alondes Williams Shooting guard 1,96 23 dual contract
Joe Harris Shooting guard 1,98 31 18.6M
Kevin Durant Eaves 2,08 33 44.1M
Royce O’Neale Eaves 1,93 29 9,2M
TJ Warren Eaves 2,03 29 1,8M
Kessler Edwards Eaves 2,03 22 1.6M
Markieff Morris Interior 2,06 33 1,8M
Nic Claxton Interior 2,11 23 8.5M
Day’Ron Sharpe Interior 2,11 20 2.1M
  • Coach: Steve Nash
  • Training camp contracts: Yuta Watanabe

The likely starting lineup for the Brooklyn Nets in 2022-2023

  • Kyrie Irving
  • Ben Simmons
  • Joe Harris
  • Kevin Durant
  • Nic Claxton
Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving He is one of the most talented point guards of the last 20 years in the NBA. Ben Simmons a high-level versatile player and in the rotation there are proven veterans such as Patty Mills, Seth Curry, Joe Harris, Royce O’Neale, TJ Warren y Markieff Morrisbut no one can dispute Kevin Durant the Brooklyn Nets’ best player throne.

The Nets’ aspirations will depend on the level of KDalthough this happens both on his level, which can be little doubted even though he is close to 35 years old, and on his resistance to injuries y your commitment to the team.

Last season, Durant had the numbers of an MVP candidate, with 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game in addition to 51.8% in field goals and 38.3% in triples. But missed 27 games (Brooklyn lost 70% of them) and in the Playoffs his performance dropped, faced with a stronger demand.

In order to be champion, or at least to reach the League Finals, Brooklyn will need the best version of Durant again.

The Brooklyn Nets exit from the 2022 Playoffs it was resounding: they finished swept by Boston Celtics in the First Round, the first time this has happened to a team with Irving or Durant, let alone the two together. all this with Ben Simmons looking out and with James Harden, who had started 2021 as one of the new stars of the Nets, already in the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 2021-2022 course of the Nets was a real chaoswith the transfer of Harden, injuries (Joe Harris, Kevin Durant) and the entire novel generated around Kyrie Irving and his decision not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 that made the point guard barely able to play 29 Regular Phase games.

If peace was expected after the fall with Boston, the expectations were wrong: the great story of the last NBA market ended up being the Possible departure of Durant and Irving from the Nets, both unhappy with the team. It was even known that Durant demanded that coach Steve Nash leave. But in the end there were no “buyers” for the stars, the parties reached an agreement and, at least for now, Durant and Irving seem committed with the cause to start the season.

How will Ben Simmons adapt to the game of both? The Australian, one of the most versatile defenders in the league, should give Brooklyn a major defensive upgrade and if he manages to settle in attack, he can make these Nets title contenders again. The mission in the Nets is again high risk: not reaching the Finals will have little flavor for this bombastic project that seemed about to disappear.


Date Schedule (MX, US, AR, ES) Rival
Monday October 3 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 1:30 Philadelphia 76ers
Thursday October 6 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 1:30 Miami Heat
Wednesday, October 12 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 1:30 Milwaukee Bucks
Friday October 14 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 2:00 The Minnesota Timberwolves

Complete schedule of the Regular Phase (click here)

What is the Brooklyn Nets’ first game of the 2022-2023 season?

The first game of the Brooklyn Nets Regular Phase in this 2022-2023 It will be Wednesday, October 19. the opponent will be New Orleans Pelicans, in a match that will be played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Date Schedule (MX, US, AR, ES) Rival
Wednesday, October 19 7:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m., 2:30 a.m. (Wednesday) New Orleans Pelicans

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