Brazil outclasses Tunisia at the Parc des Princes (5-1)

With Brazil, the notion of a friendly match is always relative. Tite’s men want to win every time, a question of standing and confidence to garner before the World Cup. In a hot and almost entirely Tunisian Parc des Princes, the Brazilians quickly showed that they were there to spoil the public’s party. On each acceleration, Brazil was dangerous during the first period. The opener is signed Raphinha, launched from afar by Casemiro, with a lobed header deceiving Dahmen too advanced (1-1, 11th).

We think the match is already over but Tunisia, on their first opportunity, equalize with a powerful header from defender Talbi on receiving an off-center free kick from Slimane (1-1, 16th). In the bays, it’s absolute ecstasy. But it only lasts three minutes. Time for Richarlison to shoot between the goalkeeper’s legs and restore the advantage to Brazil (2-1, 19th). At the time of his celebration, the attacker receives a banana. A throw that the Brazilian Federation denounces as a racist act.

The tension will go up a notch on the lawn. Many lasers sent from the stands in the eyes of all the Brazilians as soon as they touch the ball push the referee Rudy Buquet to interrupt the match for a few moments. The following ? A long Tunisian decline over the minutes. On a penalty, Neymar gets a little closer to Pelé’s record by scoring his 75th goal in selection (3-1, 28th) before Raphinha, on a superb offensive movement, definitely kills the suspense (4-1, 40th) .

Overwhelmed, the Tunisians get too annoyed. Like Bronn, already warned for a foul on Neymar, heavily drying the Parisian striker. The French referee pulls out a direct red card (42nd). After the break, Brazil put their foot on the ball. Neymar, at each touch of the ball, is whistled at the Park as after the elimination of Parsi against Real Madrid. The unbearable lasers and more. This does not prevent Pedro, from a close recovery to further increase the score (5-1, 76th).

Brazil, impressive, confirms its status as favorite for the next World Cup. As for Tunisia, which will evolve in the group of France, it does not seem able to worry the players of Didier Deschamps.



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