Bologna will not be summoned in Banfield

The substitute goalkeeper of the Drill will not be part of the bench: some statements and also some attitudes on a day-to-day basis did not go down well.

When earlier this year Henry Bologna he came back to Banfield, it was all smiles and happiness on both sides. The people of the Drill recovered an experienced goalkeeper who knew how to be part of the squad champion in 2009 and the promotion captain in 2014while for Beto it was to get to a club where he would have the opportunity to tackle again.

However, things did not turn out as Bologna imagined. The figure of Facundo Cambeses began to have more and more weight and the young goalkeeper ended up becoming an undisputed player in Banfield’s goal. For this reason, his statements on the radio program “Jogo Bonito” a few days ago were not surprising but bothersome, when he expressed: “With Monday’s newspaper I’m sorry I left River. I have to analyze what I’m going to do in December.” They weren’t well seen either. “some of his attitudes on a day-to-day basis”according to the club.

In the night of yesterday, Beto had a wink with River again, since he participated in Leonardo Ponzio’s farewell at Monumental Stadium. Nevertheless, this one that appeared like another cause of the malaise of Banfield was strictly denied. In fact, both Domingo and Bertolo participated in the event and will be on the list of concentrates.

Although there is no official communication yet, Bologna will not be on the squad list for Drill’s next match against Huracán. His place would be occupied by Facundo Sanguinetti and Beto, who came to be a starter, now will not even go to the substitute bench.

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