Boca Juniors adds a new title and is crowned two-time champion

The Gladiators defeated UAI Urquiza 2-1 in the Bombonera and were once again crowned champions of the First Division of Argentina. In this way he gets his star number 26 and wins a bi-championship. Yamila Rodríguez and Andrea Ojeda scored the winning goals.

Boca Juniors knew that a victory allowed them to become champions and on Sunday afternoon they did their homework well, beating UAI Urquiza 2-1. The visiting team stepped on the Bombonera as leader and undefeated, and with the advantage of two points in the standings. The Villa Lynch team suffered their first defeat of the season after 19 rounds, which caused them to lose the opportunity to add a new achievement to their history.

The Gladiators struck quickly on the scoreboard. At 7 minutes, Amancay Urbani found Yamila Rodríguez unmarked and assisted her with a frontal pass that crossed the entire UAI defense. The striker got rid of the mark and defined against the left post before the exit of Ariana Alvarez and put the 1-0. The goal unleashed the joy of the 18 thousand people present.

About 22 minutes, the Guerreras reached equality with the ball stopped. Free kick at the feet of Yohana Masagli who fell into the local area and Daiana Falfán’s header defeated Laurina Oliveros’s goal. With this partial result, the visiting team maintained the difference of two points that allowed them to be champions. With this marker they went to rest in La Boca.

In the complement, Boca Juniors managed to break UAI Urquiza thanks to its top scorer, Andrea Ojeda. It was a minute into the second half when Celeste Dos Santos advanced from the left, shot a cross and the forward header left the rival goalkeeper without a chance. In this way, the Gladiators would be able to maintain the result of the match and celebrate in front of their public.

Those directed by Jorge Martínez (first title in women’s football) achieved 18 wins and only two draws, which allowed him to add 56 points in the championship. In this way, he achieved a fifth bi-championship and added his star number 26 in the activity. For their part, the Gladiadoras secured qualification for the 2023 Copa Libertadores. For Boca Juniors, the season is not over since their next challenge is in the 2022 continental tournament that will begin in October.


Boca Juniors: 1 Laurina Oliveros 4 Julieta Cruz 25 Adriana Sachs 23 Miriam Mayorga 20 Celeste Dos Santos 5. Vanina Preininger 18 Clarisa Huber 8 Camila Gómez Ares 7 Amancay Urbani 9 Andrea Ojeda 11. Yamila Rodríguez. DT: Jorge Martinez.

Substitutions: 21 Kishi Nunez for Amancay Urbani, 2 Noel Espindola for Julieta Cruz, 10 Melanie Moran for Celeste Dos Santos, 6 Cecilia Ghigo for Andrea Ojeda

Substitutes: 22 Dulce Tortolo, 3 Gabriela Barrios, 13 Estefanía Palomar, 26 Brisa Priori, 27 Eugenia Flores.

UAI Urquiza: 1. Ariana Álvarez 4 Marina Delgado 5 Idanis Mendoza 32 Yohana Masagli 3 Camila Bravo 15 Catalina Ongaro 8 Micaela Sandoval 10 Daiana Falfan 7 Mariana Gaitán 19 Catalina Primo 23 Daiana Alaniz. DT: Leandro Iglesias

Substitutions: 17 Tamara Hardie for Catherine Ongaro, 33 Dana Weight for Daiana Alaniz

Substitutes: 13 Sofia Olivera, 6 Tamara Bazan, 21 Dew Iuzzolino 14 Chiara Magni, 26 Raquel Nunez, 18 Mily Vera, 20 Brunela Onorato

Goals: PT: 7 ́ Yamila Rodriguez (B), 22 ́ Daiana Falfan (U). ST: 1´ Andrea Ojeda (B).

Referee: Bettina Cingari

Alberto J. Armando Stadium

Photo: Female Mouth

Author: Joaquin Latreite

Argentina. University Professor, Social Communicator, Sports Journalist, Community Manager and Photographer. I write about women’s soccer since 2013. Delegate in AFA for the Club Estudiantes de La Plata.



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