Board of Sampdoria: Giampaolo confirmed. Romei: “Al Thani’s letter? We haven’t seen it” –

Important board of directors of the Sampdoria this morning at Corte Lambruschini, where the meeting was called for 10.30. At the center of the comparison between Marco Lanna, Gianni Panconi, Antonio Romei and Alberto Bosco the club’s quarterly financial statements and the position of the manager Marco Giampaolo.

Ore 10 The first to arrive around 10 was Gianni Panconi, the man of the accounts and of the supervision of the negotiations for the sale of the company, conducted by Gianluca Vidal.

The trustee should remotely connect with the Board of Directors for the latest updates after the broker’s letter to the Ansa Khalid Faleh al Thanion behalf of the film entrepreneur Francesco Di Silviowhich however still does not produce the required official documentation from Vidal.

Ore 10,48 The vice president, Antonio Romei, also arrived at Corte Lambruschini

Ore 11 – The good news has reached the Board of Directors of Manolo Gabbiadini’s call-up to the national team in place of the injured Matteo Politano. Particularly satisfied the president of Sampdoria, Marco Lanna.

Ore 12,45 – The manager of the technical areas, Carlo Osti, also arrived at Corte Lambruschini, while the sporting director Daniele Faggiano is not expected. Evidently, once the analysis of the performance of the accounts has been exhausted, the Sampdoria Board will now devote itself to assessing the situation of the team and of the coach Marco Giampaolo.

Ore 18,42 – From Corte Lambruschini filters the indiscretion of the confirmation by Marco Giampaolo, who will still have the match against Monza after the break to relaunch the team. In the afternoon the coach directed the resumption of training in Bogliasco, where the nationals Bereszinsky, Djuricic, Rincon, Sabiri and Gabbiadini were missing. Still apart from Winks, rehabilitation for De Luca.

Ore 20 – The board members leave. Vice President Romei speaks: “No doubts about Giampaolo’s confirmation. We are united, even if we didn’t think we had two points after seven days. We also have to compare ourselves with the coach and we will do it in the next few days. Then we will also talk to the team, but we will have to wait for the return of the team. All with the utmost serenity, we are convinced that we have set up a good group and they all deserve trust. The club? There are no immediate problems, the catastrophism is not good for Sampdoria, the situation is as complicated as for other clubs. has created an imbalance in the accounts of all the clubs. There are problems but we try to solve them. We thought that our time horizon would end before the start of the championship, it was not so, we know that there are interested parties but we only collaborate to the sale that does not depend on us. But I hear about calls for transparency, without taking into account that the sales of companies are not made by putting posters, potential buyers want confidentiality. Al Thani’s letter? We haven’t seen it, it depends on Vidal and the Lazard bank. Since we have been in office, we have always hoped that the sale will take place as soon as possible. Why hasn’t it happened yet? Ours was a prediction, there was talk of acceleration but we don’t know why it didn’t materialize. We have invested in the market from a conservative perspective to safeguard the financial aspect. When the club is sold, we will resign. Neither Lanna nor I have seen the letter in question, but so be it, we are not putting any obstacles in the way. Maximum transparency and maximum help, while we think about everyday life, to pay salaries. Are you confident that Samp will be sold by the end of the year? Sampdoria is an important club, an excellent opportunity for national and international investors, who did due diligence did not object to the accounts, which are in order. Due diligence costs money, so it means that whoever does it is interested. Those who want it know the path and the rules of engagement: if they are respected and the offer is adequate, the company can be sold. In case of non-transfer? Our goal is to move forward and finish the championship. We expire on April 30, 2023, when the deadline for the approval of the 2022 financial statements will also expire “.

President Marco Lanna also speaks to Primocanale: “Trust in time to Giampaolo? No, first we will discuss with him but timed confirmations do not help. We try to get out of it all together, when things go wrong everyone’s faults, club, players, coach, who always pays more than all. Let’s square and try to get out of it. Does Giampaolo’s confirmation also depend on a dialogue with the most representative players? No, absolutely not “.



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