Birthday as a Phenomenon, Cruzeiro returns to Serie A – Football

Ronaldo Fenomeno turns 46 but the celebrations began yesterday evening at the Minerao in Belo Horizonte, when one of the two teams of which the former Inter is the owner (the other is Valladolid in Spain), that Cruzeiro who launched him into football professional when he was a 16-year-old boy, he celebrated the return to the top flight of the ‘Brasilerao’ by beating Vasco da Gama 3-0. To give even more value to the company is the fact that the Cruzeiro won the promotion with 7 days before the end of the championship: having in fact 24 points ahead of the team, Londrina, currently fifth in the standings, he had the mathematical certainty of entering one of the top four places in a tournament, the Brazilian B, which he dominated from the start.
Ronaldo was, of course, in the VIP stand (surrounded by a swarm of bodyguards), and therefore made himself a gift a few hours in advance of his birthday. To celebrate there was also the eldest son of the Phenomenon, Ronald, who acts as a DJ and, from the pitch before the game, sent the audience into a frenzy with a series of music including the anthems of the team founded by the Italian community of Belo Horizonte (it is no coincidence that the Cruzeiro shirt is blue). On the stands, where 60 thousand spectators were present, a giant choreography also appeared which composed an image of Ronaldo when he was playing for Cruzeiro, a fact that the owner of the club greatly appreciated. In short, that of 46 years for the Phenomenon is already a birthday to remember.