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Smith sets up the play in a Champions League match. / Basketball Champions league

The American combo comes from Hapoel Holon, where he coincided with the pivot of the men in black Michale Kyser

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Bilbao Basket have signed the American combo Adam Smith to replace the injured Andrew Goudelock, who broke his knee in a friendly against Porto in Laredo and will be out for a long time. The Louisville player comes to cover the gap in the two position, but he can also act as a point guard and thus enrich Jaume Ponsarnau’s variations and systems. The shooting guard, 29 years old and 1’85 tall, is a pure scorer and comes from Hapoel Holon, a team in which he coincided with the now also man in black Michale Kyser. In this way, the Miribilla club completes the puzzle with the last piece that was missing from the gear of the Biscayan team. With the arrival of the Uruguayan Ubal and now of Smith, a notable acquisition, Surne is ready to continue polishing its preparation for the league premiere on the 30th.

Bilbao Basket has moved quickly to fill the gap left by Goudelock’s serious injury in the offensive structure of the men in black. Smith’s option was highly desired within the club and has finally been able to materialize and crystallize in an agreement. The American shooting guard is a race shooter, a pure scorer who, in any case, also knows how to lead and generate advantages for his teammates. He has a lot of experience in Europe, where he came from Georgia Tech, a university where he shared track and passion for the orange ball with former Miribilla franchise Ben Lammers. Kyser’s reports and references have also played in favor of his arrival in the Biscayan capital. The one from Lousville has competed in seven countries and 11 different teams thanks to his time in France, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Poland and Israel. He treasures a lot of basketball on his wrist, which usually breathes fire.

13.2 average points

Smith, along with Kyser, won the last Israeli league and played in the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) played last May in Bilbao. In the 2021-2022 campaign, the American shooter averaged 13.2 points in the domestic competition, while in the BCL it was 12.4 points scored per game. Bilbao Basket hopes that he will give a great performance in Miribilla, where he will have to pull the strings and make the tide forget about Goudelock, or at least not remember too much about the ‘mini mamba’. A difficult challenge that the shooting guard has gladly accepted and he plans to become one of the leaders of the Biscayan team. An example: in the March 28 game played against Hapoel Tel Aviv, the brand new signing of the Miribilla franchise scored 38 points in 33 minutes. It’s just a small sample of what he’s capable of on a basketball court.

It will be Adam Smith’s first experience in the ACB after passing through the French, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Polish and Israeli leagues. He also comes to him in his full sporting maturity, which he will now put at the service of Bilbao Basket. The team needs their wrist and basketball to respond with guarantees from the perimeter. Being able to play at positions one and two, Ponsarnau will be in a position to team him up with Radicevic when needed so that Hakanson can free himself from directing duties and look for the rival basket as a shooting guard. And he will also alternate with Francis Alonso, a couple that initially promises a points car. A society that, if all goes well, will give much joy to the tide that usually floods the Miribilla pavilion. The player will soon be incorporated into the group dynamics and will begin with a crash course in learning systems to arrive ready for the start of the ACB. There are only 17 days left for the ball to fly through the air.


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