BG Goettingen reaches semifinals by beating BC Trepca

Goettingen/Trepca. BG Göttingen cleared the first hurdle: In the quarter-finals of the qualification tournament for entry into the main round of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, the violets in Kosovo prevailed against the host team BC Trepca from Mitrovice with 76:62 (45:22). What initially looked like a high-score match developed into a tight game in the final phase, which the Bundesliga team managed to get over time. Sporting Lisbon is already waiting in the semi-finals on Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.

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Where previously Petrolina AEK from Cyprus and the Icelandic team Thor Thorlakshofn had played the other quarterfinals in front of only a few ranks, the fans of the host BC Trepce raged at the start of the BG game. All seats were occupied, it was loud, one or the other fan had also lit a cigarette and the supporters dressed in black and green provided a choreography with a flag reaching over the entire width of the grandstand and chants. An amazing backdrop for the start of the season – against which BG head coach Roel Moors had warned in advance.

Harald Frey scores the first points in Göttingen

But the violets seemed unimpressed – and focused. It was up to Harald Frey to score the first BG points to make it 3-0 with a successful threesome in the first minute. The Norwegian is the only player in the BG team who has international experience. He had played two successful international matches with his home country’s national team in September and had been his team’s best thrower.

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The Goettingen team approached this game with great concentration and continuously expanded their lead against hosts who were weak in the end over 5:0, 14:8 (5th), 17:11 (8th) with a 10:0 run to 29:13. It was striking up to the 29:13 interim score after the first quarter that all nine players who had played up to that point had also scored – most successfully Frey, who already had eight points and had also provided three assists.

23-point lead at the break

The second quarter, which Mathis Mönninghoff opened with a three, was no longer such an offensive spectacle as the first round. Nevertheless, the violets were in control at all times, making five of their 16 points from the free-throw line. They only allowed eight counterpoints on their own board, so that at 45:22 they already had a 23-point lead. As clear as the lead at half-time was, so were the statistical values, with which the people of Göttingen were clearly ahead. 56 percent of the two-point and 46 percent of the three-point throws found their target, the free throws were made (87.5 percent). How dominant the basketball Bundesliga club was was shown on the boards, which were clearly dominated: 19:9 was the balance in defensive rebounds, 6:3 on the offensive board.

The hosts got off to a better start in the second half – Roel Moors had taken off his sack in the meantime. Rayshaun Hammonds had meanwhile increased to 47:24, which was followed by a phase of almost five minutes without a BG point gain, in which the team lost a lot of possession. Only two free throws by Hammonds made it 49:31. When Trepca had come up to 39:51 and the fans in the hall saw chances for their team again with only twelve points behind, Moors called the time-out (26th). Geno Crandall then scored to 53:41 (28th), another five points followed, at 58:41 it was again a reassuring lead, which melted down again at the end (60:48). Trepca had won this quarter with 26:15.

No rhythm in the final quarter

In the final quarter, too, the violets no longer found their rhythm from the first section. A lot of patchwork remained, the throws were no longer made. The hosts, on the other hand, were different, with two successful threes in a row reducing the gap to one digit (62:69/38.) and also had the loud audience behind them, who cheered every successful action. With his goal to make it 71:62 (39th), Crandall gave the BG some breathing room again, and because both teams had now reached the team foul limit, the free throws now also brought the decision. The player who had also scored the first points for the Göttingen team brought the final point: Harald Frey to 76:62, he was also the most successful thrower with 18 points and the BG player, who also spent most of the time on the field had stood.

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Roul Moors then said that he was happy about reaching the semi-finals. He and his team went into the game with a lot of respect. His team allowed Trepca to take BG out of the game in the second half. Moors described the upcoming opponent Lisbon as very strong and commented to the audience in the hall: “Hopefully the Trepca fans won’t be against us tomorrow, but a little bit for us.” The game against Sporting Lisbon, which had been seeded for the semi-finals of this qualifying tournament was, starts again at 8 p.m. in the hall in Mitrovica.

Peter Hemschemeier receives a birthday cake with mini fireworks at breakfast.

For Peter Hemschemeier, who celebrated his 19th birthday on Tuesday, nothing came of a first appearance on the international stage. He had already been celebrated by his teammates at breakfast in the hotel with a cake and mini fireworks. It had gotten a little louder a few hours earlier when the Trepca fans had set off a large fireworks display in front of the hotel at 1 a.m. This was by no means a nice welcome greeting, but rather a forced interruption of the night’s sleep. In the end it was of no use.

Points BG Göttingen: Harald Frey (18 points/3 threes/4 rebounds/8 assists), Rayshaun Hammonds (15/0/11/2), Geno Crandall (10/1/4/1), Mathis Mönninghoff (8/2 /1/0), Till Pape (8/0/1/0), Javon Bess (5/0/6/1), Mark Smith (5/1/5/2), Taze Moors (4/0/3 /0), Harper Kamp (3/1/4/1), were not used: Peter Hemschemeier, Nick Boakye, Max Wüllner. – Team stats: Field shots: 25/50 (42%), Threes 34.80%, Free throws: 85.70%, Rebounds 48 (30 def/18 off), Assists: 15, Ball losses: 18.

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