Belgrano beat Brown: he will play in the First Division of Argentina after three and a half years | Other Soccer Leagues

Belgrano of Cordoba defeated Brown de Adrogué this Sunday 2-3 at the Estadio Único de San Nicolás and sealed its return to the First Division of Argentine soccer after three years in the secondand two days before the outcome of this tournament.

The Córdoba team has taken eleven points ahead of its escort and neighbor, Instituto de Córdoba. The Cordovan pirate twice came back from an adverse result with a brace from Pablo Vegetti and a goal from Joaquín Susvielles. Brown de Adrogué, a team from the Argentine capital, scored through Franco Benítez and Juan Mendoza.

Belgrano returns to the elite of Argentine soccer for the first time as champion of a tournament. Belgrano’s classification was very emotional and followed in the San Nicolás by 25,000 Cordovans who mostly traveled 463 kilometers from their city in a kind of pilgrimage.

With a campaign of 22 wins, 7 draws and 5 losses, the team led by Guillermo Farré sealed with the early title a campaign that had them at the top of the standings from the first day in a tournament with 37 teams.

Precisely Guillermo Farré became the first figure to achieve promotion with Belgrano both as a player in 2011 and as a coach, 11 years later. Pablo Vegetti, scorer of two goals this afternoon in San Nicolás, is the top scorer in the tournament with 16. This consecration of Belgrano is achieved with a president as emblematic for the history of the institution as Luis Fabián ‘Luifa’ Artime, top scorer history of the ‘Pirate’ team.

After this consecration, a reduced tournament will be played between those placed from second to thirteenth position to define the second team that will be promoted for the 2023 season in the elite of Argentine soccer. The second will qualify directly to the semifinals of the reduced tournament, the third will be added to the quarterfinals and the fourth to thirteenth place will play the round of 16.



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