Bayern: Lewandowski is back … to play a very bad trick

Just a few weeks after his departure, Robert Lewandowski will return to Munich to challenge Bayern there on Tuesday (9 p.m.) in the Champions League. The opportunity for the Polish striker, on a cloud at FC Barcelona, ​​​​to play a bad trick on his former club.

Lewandowski rgale Barcelona.

A heresy. To think that Robert Lewandowski (34) was not going to investigate the goals at FC Barcelona is heresy. Leaving not without having forced the passage of Bayern Munich, the Polish striker will find the club where he had his best hours.

Bayern are not at their best

Indeed, the blaugranase formation returns to the capital of Bavaria on Tuesday (9 p.m.), during the second day of the group stage of the Champions League. A reunion with a club that has hurt him very badly in recent months since everyone has in mind the beating suffered by Lisbon (2-8), during the Final 8 of the 2020 edition, or even the one-way double confrontation (0 -3, 0-3), during the last exercise. But since then, water has flowed under the bridges. There is no question of saying that the balance of power has balanced out, but the gap between the two teams is no longer so clear.

First, because the Munich stable is already experiencing a big unexpected boost. If they had no trouble getting the upper hand over Inter (0-2), last week, for their entry into the competition, the Roten are no longer so imperial in the Bundesliga. After three initial successes against Eintracht Frankfurt (1-6), Wolfsburg (2-0) and Bochum (0-7), the ten-time German champion left feathers against Borussia Mnchengladbach (1-1), the Union Berlin (1-1) and Stuttgart (2-2). Three consecutive draws is not common for the Rekordmeister.

Lewandowski on conquered ground…?

And to confirm the difficulties of Bayern, who else than the one who wrote the legend of the club a little more for eight years with 344 goals in 375 matches to play the villain? Barely gone, the Barcelona goleador has an incredible chance to draw a line under his glorious Munich past by staining the Allianz Arena to recall its importance, which is too underestimated. His 9 goals in 6 games since his arrival, including two doubles in La Liga but above all a hat-trick against Viktoria Plzen (5-1), last Wednesday, should worry Julian Nagelsmann.

Despite the romance ending with some friction, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge hopes Lewandowski will be well received by Bavarian fans. I would like Bayern and the public to receive it with gratitude. Don’t forget that he played here for eight years, won everything and scored between 35 and 50 goals every season. Moreover, he arrived free and has just brought in 45 million euros. He contributed to the good of Bayern , underlined the leader of the ECA for AS. Be careful not to make him too comfortable because Lewandowski will only come back to play a bad trick.

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