Basketball Super Cup 2022: Laprovittola propels Bara to meet Madrid in the final

El Only achieved a hard-fought win against youth although the final score says otherwise, (91-74) with which the ticket for the Super Cup final where to measure Real Madrid in the first Clasico of the season. those of Jasikevicius had in Laprovittola to their great leader when the youth I had an advantage on the scoreboard. The exhibition from the perimeter of the Argentine, 7 of 10 in triples, in the third quarter propelled a Only that until the break he arrived immersed in the doubts left by the failures in the shot and the turnovers.

The rock dominated when both teams went to the locker room, 39-46. They had achieved a maximum advantage of eight and above all they had prevented Bara’s storming out from having no consequences. Among other things, success from the arc kept the youth above the Only.

But on the way back from the locker room, between the black-and-green loss of aim and the recital of Laprovittola, the crash definitely changed hands. The Argentine point guard turned the score around, he alone and incidentally transformed his team. Three triples in a row in Bara’s first four baskets in the third quarter they changed the destiny of the game and they had him as a azulgrana. That quarter ended 29-14 for Bara, but only with the points that Lapro had scored in those 10 minutes, 15, they would have won it. only Parrawith 7 points, seemed reluctant to give up the game.

In the fourth period, with the youth already very depressed and without fixing their problems in the shot, they joined the party Sanli, Jokubaitis, Vesely y hasta Nnajito end up devastating his rival with a very high level of intensity, in a game ending that did not resume the work of Joventut in the first half.

Laprovittola I ended up signing a game to remember, among other things because he has become the player who most triples he has scored in a Super Cup match with 7.

technical sheet

91 – Just Basketball (18+21+29+23): Satoransky (7), Laprovittola (26), Abrines (6), Sanli (12), Tobey (6) -initial quintet-, Sergi Martnez (-), Higgins (5), Jokubaitis (11), Paul (5), Kalinic (6), Nnaji (2) and Vesely (-).

74 – Youth (22+24+14+14): Vives (4), Guy (11), Parra (14), Ellenson (14), Tomic (13) -initial quintet-, Feliz (5), Ribas (8), Birgander (5), Ventura (-) and Kraag (-).



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