Basketball, like imitating Luka Doncic on the pitch with friends

Again, it seems difficult, but in reality if you don’t think you have 0.6 on the clock, everyone is looking at you, the field is over, the defender on and the scoreboard covering the corner, it’s a shot like any other one of those up. which the game is literally based on. So a few stories, let’s see how it’s done.

In my opinion the best way to take home a basket like this is to try it with increasingly complex levels of difficulty. The first stage is warming up. You start by setting the stopwatch with 1 hour of time. You will do a basket in an hour. Then half an hour. Then 15 minutes. Then 7 minutes. How are you? Can you? Now 2 minutes. Now 1 minute.

You should be warm enough, so let’s move on to the second part, the one that will actually take you to pull comfortably with 0.6 hundredths of a second. Let’s take a much shorter time to get to our goal smoothly. Get an atomic clock and calculate Plank time, the shortest time interval that current physics can calculate, factor 10−44. Let’s move on to the yoctosecond. Calculate that 23 yoctoseconds is half the life of the hydrogen isotope, so don’t worry if you always overrun the siren. Now let’s quietly cross over to 1 millisecond, calculate that 80 milliseconds is the blink of an eyelid. Slowly you will pierce reality, you will feel like you are floating on the event horizon of a black hole. Does time exist? Or is it a human concept? Albert Einstein made us understand that you can travel in time, but only in the future.

Enter the field, you will see all the moments of life at the same time, time does not flow as before but it is as if you were walking next to it, it seems to you the window of a supermarket. You are simultaneously on the first and last shot, you are in front of the interval and behind you is the moment when you will go home. It is an architecture of boxes to be opened and closed at will, it is time, you no longer have to suffer it. Taking a shot at 0.6 hundredths of a second is like taking it 20 hours from the “shot”. You understand the ending of Interstellar.



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