Basketball Candidate Referee Course Opens in Nevşehir

Basketball Candidate Referee Course” will be opened in Nevşehir under the joint organization of the Turkish Basketball Federation and Nevşehir Basketball Provincial Representative Office.

Candidates between the ages of 17-30 will be able to attend the referee course that is planned to be opened. If 40 people apply, the dates of the course to be opened will be determined when the number of participants is reached.

Those who want to participate should personally apply to the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports with a petition.

If the following conditions are suitable for those who want to attend the course whose application deadline is 07/10/2022;


1. To be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

2. Studying at a high school or equivalent or graduating from a high school or equivalent,

3. Not to have reached the age of 17 and not to have reached the age of 31 (December 31 of the calendar year included in the age calculation is taken as a basis), (Age condition is not required for athletes who have played licensed basketball for at least 5 years and become national),

4. Not having a criminal record,

5. Those who have not been penalized for 6 months or longer by the disciplinary committee, who meet the above conditions and attend the course regularly, are subject to a written exam at the end of the course. Exam questions prepared by MHGK are opened in the presence of all exam participants during the exam and on the spot, and distributed to the candidates under the supervision of the Course Director, and the exam papers collected at the end of the exam are sent to MHGK for evaluation by the Course Director in charge. Those who are successful by getting at least 70 points in the written exam at the end of the course become Candidate Referees and are assigned to the competitions in accordance with this instruction.

NOTE: The course date can be changed by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and the Turkish Basketball Federation.

Candidates who want to attend the referee course can contact the Basketball Provincial Representative Ahmet Yücel for detailed information. (Contact: 0538 450 12 93)



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