Badminton. Young autistic athlete from Saint-Molf, Miléna Surreau dreams of the Paralympic Games.

Young Mendulphine and 25-year-old salt worker, Miléna Surreau received the city medal on Sunday September 4 for her unique sporting career. Miléna practiced badminton in college before completing a “sports studies” course in La Baule, with seven years in tennis.

The young woman has autism and suffers from spastic paraparesis, an orphan disease that generates a lack of strength in the legs. To help her in her daily life, she is accompanied by her assistance dog, Eugène, a white Swiss shepherd.

A discovery

In 2019, she discovered parabadminton, and then joined the Mendulphin Badminton Club.

With her experience in racket sports, Miléna multiplies the victories in official matches and ranks quickly. Only two years later, she registered for the 2021 French Para badminton championships and won the silver medal in singles.

Déjà 14e world

In 2022, she takes another step towards her goal by becoming French champion and ranking 14e world following the International Open of Spain.

Miléna now aims to be selected to participate in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. Today she is sponsored by various local associations and companies and supported by the entire mendulphin badminton club.

Also everyone can participate in the kitty available on the site of the badminton club mendulphin :



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