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Atlético Nacional continues in involution in its game and this time its executioner was Independiente Medellín, who defeated it 4-3, at the end of the match, coach Hernán Darío Herrera spoke about what this match left.

“I’m worried about Nacional’s first half. Medellin ran over us, an aerial goal came after 30 seconds, we had a hard time getting up and they beat us from above. We weren’t able to counteract, I’m worried. In the second half we had to draw, it was not possible, but we must rescue what Nacional did,” he remarked.

In addition, regarding the absence of central defenders and the possibility of putting in a youth player like Juan José Arias, Herrera explained that “these matches are for people who have some experience. Putting Juan José Arias in did not work for me. With Angulo as a central defender, I decided to move Danovis Central defender. With what we have, we have to look for changes, in a setting like today, it was complicated for us. One thing is a striker and another defense. The central defenders are very young and have had few games, I couldn’t risk them in this game. We need to win to give them minutes”.

In addition, “Jacobo Salazar is not with us. He was in Venezuela on loan, he came back, but he is not registered, until next year he can play with us.”

Regarding the approach to the game, Herrera said that “we have used a 1-4-1 structure, sometimes I play 4-2 or 1-3. Medellín surprised us, but with the changed structure we were able to draw.”

Finally, the coach warned that the team is not confused and trusts that the team can improve. “The group is not confused. Nacional tries to gain possession, but the rivals do not let it and we have to play deeper. Medellín beat us in the first half, we reacted late. In the second half we improved and were able to come back. There are teams that came to make an offensive proposal like Bucaramanga, Envigado was smart and blocked us. We are working to improve”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
En Twitter: @juanchoserran8



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