Archery, Italian national Olympic team meeting in Cantalupa in view of Paris 2024 – OA Sport

Upcoming appointments to be prepared in the best possible way, with the hope (above all) of getting ready for a highly anticipated appointment like that of Paris Olympic Games 2024: these are the main objectives with which the Olympic National Archery it met (from today until Friday) in that of Cantalupa (Torino).

To be precise, the Azzurri gathered at the Federal Technical Center of Cantalupa; except for the World Cup field in program a Yankton (United States of America) since 3 al October 9the outdoor competitions of 2022 are over, consequently we think about the next scheduled appointments.

The main focus for the Azzurri will, of course, be winning the pass for the 2024 Paris Olympics; consequently, more weight will be given to the competitions with which the pass can be obtained, and in which the blue and blue players with great goals will be protagonists.

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The blues involved in the rally are Mauro Medlar (Air Force), Federico Musolesi (Air Force), Alessandro Paoli (Blue Flames), Marco Morello (Air Force), Yuri Belli (White Eagle Archers), David Pasqualucci (Air Force), Luca Melotto (Air Force), Marco Galiazzo (Air Force), Maximilian Mandia (Blue Flames), Michele Freckles (Air Force) and Francesco gregory (Navy).
The blue summons are instead Lucilla Boari (Flames Gold), Tatiana Andreoli (Fiamme Oro), Chiara Rebagliati (Flames Gold), Vanessa Land (Air Force), Elisabetta My O (Blue Flames), Elena Tonetta (Air Force), Tanya Giada Giaccheri (Air Force), Selene Lagazzoli (Paduan archers), Karen Resume (Air Force) and Roberta By Francesco (Abruzzese archers).

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