“Anyway, talking about baseball is the most fun.” Taiji Ota, 32 years old, got a new feeling in his first year at DeNA. “I want young players to take the plunge and fail.”

A man who expresses the team slogan of this season’s Yokohama DeNA Baystars, “Yokohama Counterattack”. Not to mention the desperate play on the ground, if you suddenly shift your eyes to the bench, there will always be a 188 cm tall hot-blooded man standing there and inspiring his friends through the mask.

Taishi Ota, who joined DeNA this season.

Ota graduated from Tokai University Sagami High School in Kanagawa Prefecture and has local ties to DeNA, which is based in Yokohama, but he seems to be a homegrown player as he has completely integrated into the team. Ota looks back on the season so far spent in this new world as follows.

“First of all, in my first year, I learned deeply about the baseball that the team was trying to play. Then, I understood the personality and way of thinking of each player, and thought about what I should do for the team. A bright and energetic team.Even in the first half when it was difficult to win, everyone looked forward and played with a focus on winning.I think I was able to return to my original intentions, and we really came together as a team. I feel like I’m playing baseball recklessly, and I feel like I’ve been caught up in that flow.I don’t know what it is, but it’s a new sensation when it comes to enjoying baseball, and I’m spending my days fulfilling.”

Everyone is greedy for baseball

Tadashi’s eyes lit up and he said so. I think it’s rude to Ota, who has been a professional for 14 years and is 32 years old, but his expression is just like a baseball boy.

“This is my second transfer, but I feel like I have a chance to change myself.

This season, DeNA has increased its winning streak since the summer, including 17 consecutive wins at Yokohama Stadium.

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