Antoine Rozner: “I know it’s going to pay off, it’s going to fall…”

Frustrated and inevitably disappointed after a last lap completed in 74 (+3) for an 11th place finish, Antoine Rozner knows that he is on the right path and that his time will come very soon… Why not next Thursday in Scotland, at Dunhill? Links Championship?

Interview by François SCIMECA with Lionel VELLA, at the Golf National

You started this 4th round with a lot of ambitions. How do you analyze this last lap?

I am definitely disappointed! It is currently disappointment. Looking back, I feel like winning today was a little far away. -16, I didn’t have it. But it’s true that I would have liked to finish this tournament better. I was fifth at the start of this last lap. It’s a course that I enjoy very much. I play pretty well on it in general. But hey, there, I missed it. So much disappointment…

I’ve been playing really well for several months. It’s up to me to be patient and the doors will open

How do you explain the gap between what you produced in the first 3 laps and your performance today?

There’s not much to say… It’s golf. Missed shots at the wrong times, wrong places… Missed a putt I wanted to finish… (He blows) No… It’s golf… The bottom line is still there… I hit some fantastic shots today too… I just have to keep doing what I’ve been doing for several months now…

Do we feel optimistic for the future and the beautiful deadlines for the end of the season?

Yes I know it will pay off, that it will fall. There is no reason. I’ve been playing really well for several months. It’s up to me to be patient and the doors will open. A golfing career is super long. I hope to have it for many more years. So I’ll be at Dunhill Links next week (September 29-October 2), Valderrama in three weeks (October 13-16) and then we’ll see what happens!

Photo : MILLEREAU Philippe / KMSP / KMSP via AFP



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