“Another approach to interviews”, a recruitment day like no other in Cagnes-sur-Mer

“Pamong you, recruiters are incognito”shouts a voice into a microphone.

It’s 10:15 am, it’s the start of the warm-up under the sometimes amused, sometimes lost gazes of the participants, fluorescent yellow bibs on their backs. All day yesterday, the event “From the Stadium to employment” took place in Cagnes-sur-Mer, at the Pierre-Sauvaigo gymnasium. On the program for the morning organized by Pôle emploi? Badminton matches and workshops, prepared by the French federation, involving a hundred candidates with twenty undercover recruiters. “The sporty side relaxes people. It makes them smile and allows them to show other facets of their personalityenthuses the director of the Regional Badminton League, Laurent Garnier. Here it is without filter and without cheating! You see them, they are natural.”

“I like it to be informal. We get out of the usual framework and it feels good”, abounds Molka. A great introvert, she is, at 25, relieved to participate in such an event for its de-stressing side. Far from the professional tailor-bun or suit-tie cliché interview.

After a morning of sports, a meal followed by a lifting of anonymity. Ikea, Lidl, Sersap 06, etc. In turn, the recruiters go up on the stage to highlight their company as well as the positions to be filled. All professions are confused. “The major sectors of activity in the region remain hotels, restaurants, health and transport, but we try not to limit ourselves”assure the head of the professional team at Pôle emploi Nice-Ouest, Béatrice Chrissokerakis.

“I noticed the behavior of some”

Now that everyone is playing openly, it’s time for job-dating with an afternoon devoted to professional discussions. Candidates will be able to meet the hirers of their choice in a relaxed setting.

“It’s great to be able to experience a different approach to interviews, without the usual stress and reserve of candidatesrecognizes Olivier, recruiter for Sersap 06, rather accustomed to interviews in costume than in jogging. I hope it will be repeated.” If he hopes not “to have been grilled” by job seekers, he admits to having “Caught up in the game so it’s hard to observe people when we’re having fun, but I noticed the behavior of some, supportive and pleasant. That’s what we’re looking for at home, in the service at the nobody.”

Recruitment officer at Lidl, Vanessa is looking for versatile people who are available for 35-hour contracts. Two key words in mind: smile and team cohesion. “I especially look at the motivation of each other. Someone who is optimistic about the idea of ​​participating even if, at the base, he does not necessarily like to play sports. That’s already a great point.”

On the side of the candidates, the profiles are diverse and varied.

“60% rate of return to employment”

And the motivation is there in the face of this original method of recruitment. “Mixing up when you’re looking for a job is not easy, says Kelly, 58. I arrived in Cagnes two months ago so I’m barely getting used to it. I worked in transport and mass distribution, I would like to aim for a job with responsibilities.”

“This operation generally has a return to work rate of 60% in the months that follow, so it’s effective”, supports Béatrice Chrissokerakis. Yesterday, only CDIs or long CDDs were offered. Pôle Emploi and companies provide the necessary training for motivated people.

“Skills are lost by recruiting only by CV. There, we see that it is possible to do otherwiseinsists the head of the employment center. In 5-10 years it will turn out differently. We must adapt today to capture the interest of job seekers.”

Vanessa, recruiter at Lidl, abounds: “Innovative recruitment in 2022, we need it. It’s been difficult to hire since the pandemic so it’s a breath of fresh air.”



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