Andy Murray, sensations Davis Cup participation

The love for tennis that wastes Andy Murray it is unfathomable and can be seen clearly in every match he plays and in every statement he makes. After seeing how Great Britain was dismounted from the Davis Cup 2022, after falling in two qualifying rounds resolved by small details in doubles that he himself played, the one from Dunblane had the opportunity to show off in front of his public competing in singles in the last duel, against Kazakhstan. He beat Dmitry Popko and may have closed the chapter on his career, even if he doesn’t want it to. And it is that Norrie, Evans and Draper are going strong, so it seems difficult for the Scotsman to continue having opportunities to play individually, unless he achieves an outstanding improvement in his tennis.

Possibility of not playing the Davis Cup again

“I was very excited to play today. I went out to win, I wanted to get a win to thank the fans for the support they have given. An incredible atmosphere has been experienced during these days, showing that in Scotland we love tennis and that we have the ability to fill stadiums. It’s a real shame we couldn’t qualify, I think we would have had more options if the games had been played over five sets”, commented a Murray who has the illusion of returning to the team.

“I have always said that I want to be part of the team and help as much as possible. I understand that it will be more and more difficult to play and when I was one game away from winning this match, I realized that maybe I was playing my last points in the Davis Cup and it was very emotional, but at the same time hard and difficult to digest. After the results we have had in doubles this week, I don’t know what the captain will decide regarding my role in the team. In addition, there are high-level players who deserve be ahead of me, but I would love to be involved for a long time,” he said.

Opinion on Federer’s withdrawal

“I didn’t suspect it was going to be the end of it at this point, I think we were all hoping that I might have some miraculous comeback next year. When I signed up for the Laver Cup 2022I never thought I would attend the end of Roger’s career, but I think it’s an incredible opportunity to share moments with the Big 3. It’s not something that happens often and it’s going to be very special. I hope Roger can compete, I think we will experience an impressive atmosphere and the truth is that I would love to share the court with him playing a doubles match. It would be the perfect ending to a very special story. I will do my best to enjoy the experience”, sentenced a Andy Murray which will be one of the great attractions of the week.



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