Amorebieta, again punished for refereeing errors

All the mistakes have been in games away from Urritxe. / CA Health

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Only five days have passed, but the blues already feel offended by decisions that have cost them vital points in this league start

Barely a month has passed since the ball began to roll marking the start of the official season, and Amorebieta already have a good handful of reasons to feel aggrieved by the decisions that the referees have made in their matches. A story that repeats itself. Last year in the Second Division, the Biscayans were repeatedly undermined by ‘errors’ in the braids and, especially, by the VAR. Those from Urritxe suffered at least a dozen more than controversial decisions, which deprived them of having had any more points in their locker

First it was Iñigo Vélez de Mendizabal who raised his voice. Without excessive fuss, but the coach from Vitoria regretted that errors always happened to the same side and questioned the VAR, whose criteria he did not claim not to understand or share. Much more energetic was his successor in office, Haritz Mujika. That of Pasaia, after the duel at the Gran Canaria Stadium against Las Palmas in which the infamous García Verdura controversially annulled a goal by Álvaro Peña, broke out in the press room.

“They have stolen a goal from us,” Mujika said vehemently at the time. “This is what they are doing to Amorebieta. We don’t deserve it. We don’t want them to give us things, but not take them away from us. And day after day they are taking them away from us », he protested.

The accumulation of errors suffered in the flesh last year may make the club’s environment somewhat thinner, but the truth is that this season Amorebieta has already been the subject of at least three very controversial decisions that good sure they could have changed the final score.

history repeats itself

Coincidentally, all three have taken place away from Urritxe, in the three trips that the Zornotzarra team has had to face so far in this First Federation in which, as it is not a professional category, there is no VAR and there is no choice but to trust the eye of the referee or assistant on duty.

The first referee setback was received by Amorebieta on the opening day at the Nova Creu Alta. After having managed to tie the game in the 83rd minute, just a couple of shots later the referee annulled a totally legal goal against Buján for a non-existent offside. The Zornotzarra player, although he was ahead of the defense, was further back than the ball, so the goal was valid and should have gone up on the scoreboard. The final result was tied at one.

In the visit to the Tajonar facilities, the script was similar. Amorebieta started behind on the scoreboard against Osasuna Promesas, but Urko Izeta managed to level the match shortly before the break. As well. Barely a minute had passed since the striker’s goal from Aia, when the blue players claimed a penalty for some clear hands by Adama Boiro in the area. The match official considered that the red defender was in a natural position and, therefore, it was not a punishable action. That day, Amorebieta was defeated 2-1.

The third chapter of this serial that is repeated too many times happened last Sunday at the Nou Estadi. Nástic de Tarragona went ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from ex-rojiblanco Guillermo Fernández clearly offside. When Pablo Fernández put him in the center, the grana striker was in an advanced position, as can be seen in the television images. The referee of the match, the Aragonese Monter Solans, did not have everything with him and quickly consulted his assistant, who validated the goal in the face of the Biscayans’ protests. In the end, a narrow defeat thanks to a goal that should never have been reflected on the scoreboard.

At the end of that meeting, Haritz Mujika was questioned about how he saw the play. “I am not going to enter because already on the first day they took a goal from us. It seems that he is offside. They are moments, he has decided that he is not. This time we have been harmed », he complained. Be that as it may, there are already four points that have fallen by the wayside in just five days for reasons that in Urritxe’s dressing room they feel go beyond the merely sporting.



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