AKATSUKI JAPAN completely defeated by Canada National Team[Basketball]Women’s World Cup Qualifier Round 3

The FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 (FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022) held in Sydney, Australia will be held on September 25th local time, after a rest day (24th), the third qualifying round ( Group Phase Game day 3) was conducted.

In Group B, AKATSUKI JAPAN (Japan National Team), who have won 1 win and 1 loss so far, will play against Canada National Team, who have won 2 wins, at the Sydney Superdome. Japan lacked vigor in both offense and defense, ending the first half with a score of 25-41. Japan did not come back in the second half, and the final score was 56-70.

Match result:Group Phase Group B Japan 56-70 Canada(FIBA)

Head coach Toru Onzuka told the Japan Basketball Association (JBA), “I was under pressure from the point guard, and I couldn’t make a game and stagnated. It’s a big point that I’ve lost,” and analyzed the cause of defeat. As “three wins are the borderline to advance to the final tournament” (JBA), Japan will be required to win against France on the 26th and against Australia on the 27th.

■World Cup Japan national team match schedule/broadcast schedule (Japan time)

Preliminary round schedule

September 22nd (Wood) 13:00 vs. Representative Mauri
September 23 (Friday) 11:00 vs. Serbia National Team
September 25 (Sun) 19:30 vs. Canada National Team
Monday, September 26, 15:00 vs. France National Team
September 27 (Tue) 19:30 vs. Australia National Team

[Broadcast schedule]


Final tournament schedule

September 29th (Thursday) Quarterfinals
September 30 (Friday) Semifinals
October 1st (Sat) 3rd place play-off, finals

[Broadcast schedule]

to be decided

uniform number Full name position height Affiliation
#3 gourd stephanie PF 182cm Toyota Antelopes
#5 Shiori Amma PG 161cm HUMAN REYER VENICE
#8 Maki Takada PF 185cm Denso Iris
#10 Tokashiki Raimu C 193cm ENEOS Sunflowers
#14 𠮷Tian dance clothes SG 175cm Chanson Cosmetics Chanson V Magic
#23 Mai Yamamoto PG 163cm Toyota Antelopes
#31 Aika Hirashita SG 177cm Toyota Antelopes
#32 Saori Miyazaki PG 167cm ENEOS Sunflowers
#52 Yuki Miyazawa SF/PF 183cm Fujitsu Red Wave
#75 Toudou Nanako SG/SF 175cm Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits
#88 ako sunflower SG/SF 184cm Denso Iris
#99 Okoe Mominoka PF 182cm Fujitsu Red Wave

22 Sep – 01 Oct

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