Aggression of Kheira Hamraoui: a fifth man in police custody since Monday

New twist in the case of the attack on footballer Kheira Hamraoui. While his former teammate Aminata Diallo, indicted for “aggravated violence” and “criminal association”, was released under judicial supervision last week, a new suspect is currently in the sights of investigators. According to the prosecution, a fifth man has been in custody since Monday. Four men, suspected of having been at the scene of the attack, were also indicted.

As we revealed last week, Aminata Diallo is considered by investigators to be the instigator of the violence against her ex-teammate. However, she denies any involvement.

While investigating the attack with an iron bar of which the PSG player was the victim on November 4, 2021, the police officers of the Versailles PJ also discovered the role of César M., a relative of Aminata Diallo, agent official of several PSG players and companion of one of them. A man with whom she would be linked, according to them, by a “deep complicity”. Between them, they would have fomented a plot to destabilize the club and take control of it.



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