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Of the 20 U18 players, only Morimoto and Asano have already submitted

The “30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup” (Sarasota, Florida, USA), in which Japan’s high school national team “Samurai Japan” participated, finished in 3rd place for Japan. While many promising stocks showed their brilliance, the draft meeting is waiting on October 20th. Of the 20 players who participated in the tournament, only two have already submitted their professional application form. Here’s a look at promising high school players who haven’t submitted their professional aspirations yet.

Among the U-18 national team, only pitcher Tetsusei Morimoto (Ichifunabashi) and outfielder Shogo Asano (Takamatsusho) have submitted, but there are many players to watch. As for the pitchers, Yosho Yamada (Omi), who served as the captain, Tsugutaka Kawahara (Osaka Toin), who joined the “All World Team”, which is the best nine, and Ayuta Ikumori (Konan) and Yusei Yoshimura. Ayu pitcher (Meitoku Gijuku) also attracts the attention of scouts.

In fielders, “Osaka Toin-gumi” has not yet been submitted. The elites who supported “Mabuchi Japan”, including catcher Shion Matsuo, infielder Kaito Ito, and outfielder Yudai Ebine, who were also selected for the “All World Team”, have not yet been submitted. After returning home after a fierce battle, what kind of movement will you show in the future?

In addition to the U-18 members, former U-15 pitcher Margard Maiki Kian (Hoshiryo), who participated in Koshien for two consecutive seasons, pitcher Yoichiro Moriyama (Koryo), who won the second place at the Jingu tournament last year, and DeNA Masaaki Koike outfield. Yuji Koike, an infielder (Tokai Univ.), who is the eldest son of a baserunning coach, is also there.

The deadline for submission of professional aspirations is two weeks before the draft meeting. It will be interesting to see what decisions each player makes.

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