Abelardo: “Cote’s loss is a problem in attack and defense”

Abelardo spoke to the media this afternoon as part of tomorrow’s visit to La Romareda, “a difficult field, which we are not usually good at”. Pitu spoke about Cote’s loss, Rivera’s absence, and the loss to Racing, who were at the bottom.

The Romareda: “It’s a difficult field that we’re not usually good at. Zaragoza is a good team, similar to us, with fast people up front. It’s going to require us to be very compact defensively. It’s a game of yesteryear in the First Division , people go to the countryside a lot”

Match against Racing: “We prepare for the match in the same way, winning or losing the previous one. We analyze the match and we have spoken with some players individually about things to improve. The week has been very good. We forgot the day after the defeat”.

bath of humility: “The category is what it is. Any team can beat anyone. There are surprising results. Against Racing, we were not good, but if we are effective we are talking about a victory or a draw. Everything is defined by little things”

Cote: “It’s a problem in defense and attack. He’s the best assistant in the category. And in defense he gives you. It’s an important loss but it’s what usually happens in all teams. It’s a setback. Tomorrow another player will come in who will will do very well”

spare part: “Tomorrow we will see if Diego or Pol will play. We have to see what Zaragoza offers us. Pol played a lot for Fuenlabrada on the left-back, the other day Diego played”

Rivera: “It continues to bother him and he is not here to train. He has been out for several weeks after Andorra. We have Jose, Pedro, Gio and Nacho, who has not missed a training session. When I can count on Christian I will decide if I count on him I thought this week was going to be.

Debate with the goal: “ I understand the debates but we are in matchday 6. On Saturday we face the team that makes the most shots on goal and we are the third. But here efficiency rules. I’m sure the goals will come back”

Zaragoza: “I don’t know who will take possession, they usually start from behind but they are more vertical than Andorra. It will be a different game. At home they propose more than away. It is a team that I like a lot because it is very vertical, you have to be very attentive. It’s going to be a very important game for our pivots”

Defensive balance: “The other day it was an accidental action. We tried to throw offside and we didn’t measure well. The important thing is to be well armed when the rival team attacks. It doesn’t worry me. We have shown ourselves to be a very organized team behind”



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