Aaron Judge with his sights set on the Batting Triple CrownSeventh Inning

New York, EE. UU. /

If there’s something hard to get into Big leaguesis the Batting Triple Crown; however, with the end of the regular role near, all the spotlights are on Aaron Judgewho has become the perfect candidate to achieve it this year.

Two weeks before the end of the calendar of 162 meetings of the Major League Baseball (MLB), the gunboat of the New York Yankees It has the leadership in two of the three items that are considered for obtaining one of the maximum offensive achievements in The majors:

  • Leader of home runs con 59
  • Leader of runs produced con 127
  • second place in batting average con .316

All this just for the american leaguealthough if we also consider the statistics of the National League, Judge continues at the top of the first two departments, falling in the last to sixth position.

So far there are 27 batsmen who have achieved the Triple Corona in the history of big top; however, there have only been four who have officially done so, leading the three categories in both leagues.

The last player to win the Batting Triple Crown it was the venezuelan Miguel Cabrera by american league in 2012, a season where he posted an AVG .330 with 44 homers and 139 RBIs.

For now, Aaron Judge will have to continue with the wood lit to be able to surpass the also Venezuelan Luis Arraez (.317) in the batting average lead, with only one thousandth separating them.



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