A youth from the Board of Trustees was summoned to the U15 Basketball Team

The player from the lower Patronato, Lucca Giuliani, was summoned to the U15 Basketball Team, and will have to appear on September 13 in Buenos Aires for the friendly preparations for the South American.

Lucca spoke of the moment when he found out about the call: “I was at school and I received a message from my coach.” Regarding how he feels with the call of the national team, he confessed: “I’m anxious and a little nervous.”

The youth told Elonce about his characteristics as a player. Of his height, he said: “I’m around 1.96 meters tall,” said the 14-year-old, who plays in the center position, although he can also play point guard and forward.

His coach, Darío Albornoz, knew the news two days before and had to contain himself: “We received the news on Monday and we couldn’t stand it,” he said. In turn, regarding Lucca’s style of play, he said: “He made a very big leap in the last two years”, both in his physique and in his game. In addition, he talked about how he “has a lot of variants”, since that is what they encourage in his training.

Lastly, on the professional players he admires, Lucca named Steph Curry and Shaquille O’niel, and he hopes to make some of their moves in the future.



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