A skate ramp and a basketball court are inaugurated in Claromecó

23|09|22 09:53 hs.

Special days are lived in Claromecó, with the joy of the students for the Spring Festival and the possibility of sharing a time of rest together.

The convocation of adolescents and young people that is registered this year in the town is important, with many groups that walk the streets, meet in a house or in a public space.

Today there will be the inauguration of a ramp for skateboarding and a field to play basketball in Plaza San Martín, where various activities will take place.

The skate ramp is the result of a neighborhood initiative. They managed to build it out of wood, with their own resources, in 2019. However, during the pandemic, proper maintenance could not be done and it deteriorated. They obtained the support of the Decentralized Entity, with the participation of municipal personnel, material was made, with the purpose of lasting and resisting a longer period. The place was also painted by local residents, with attractive designs, and it turned out very well.

Meanwhile, the basketball court could already be used because the hoop was placed, it is complete so that those who are interested can play this sport.

It is important to incorporate recreation spaces, which will be formally presented today. The weather yesterday was favorable, with the predominance of the sun and a pleasant temperature. Of course, as sunset approached the air felt cooler, which is usual at this time of year.

Before the weekend, other students will arrive to be part of the festivities and Claromecó is expected to be very crowded today, tomorrow and Sunday.



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