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Marc Vérillotte is one of those Haut-Marnais who do honor to their department. Judoka and high-level policeman, he has just published a book with “Les Arènes” in which he recounts his life within an elite troop: the Raid. A rare document! Jean-Paul Ramillon, his first judo teacher, draws his portrait.

– “Hello… Marco? I saw that you just got the Legion of Honor! That’s great. But why ? What feat did you do to get this? »

– “Do you know about the Merah case?” I got home first! I took two bullets! One in the forehead, one in the shoulder! My Kevlar helmet deformed under the impact of the first bullet and as it fell, it stuck a second one in my shoulder! But don’t worry, I did fine and everything is fine! »

“Everything is fine”… The end of this excerpt from a conversation between Marc Vérillotte and Jean-Paul Ramillon in June 2012 portrays Marco well.

Marco or the joy of living, the strength of optimism and the permanent will to go to the end of what he undertakes. Jean-Paul Ramillon had the privilege of having him as a student at the Chalindrey Judo-club. ” Which boy ! Always cheerful, always in good shape with a power of work, a desire for success, an extraordinary taste for improvement and the ability to positively affect all events,” he says.

Merah case, Bataclan: on the front line

The professor, 7th dan in judo, remembers that when Marco returned to the Raid, he told him about the unusual tests to pass, tests based on stability and psychological resistance to unusual and dangerous situations. “But, you know Jean-Paul, I need more than that! he had said.

High-level judoka from the junior category, winner of the Paris Tournament (one of the most difficult international tournaments in the world), European police champion, Marco has always shone in competition and this, with a smile and a apparent carelessness which was only the mask of an implacable will to win. But for him, it was and always has been a game, as well as his training in the Raid and during the more than dangerous missions entrusted to him.

In the book he has just written, Marco also recounts how he had prepared for his victorious Paris tournament: by imitating Rocky Balboa who had to catch chickens in a barnyard with his hands! Try it, you’ll see!

The book “At the heart of the Raid” tells his story within the assault column of this elite unit and reveals the hidden face of all his extremely dangerous missions. The Merah affair, the Hyper Cacher, the Bataclan and many other attacks, he was there… and on the front line. You will find all the major events heard and followed on the radio or television. You will experience them “from the inside” with passion. You are going to discover what these assault sections experience, their capacity for sacrifice, their extraordinary solidarity. “I tell the emblematic interventions of the Raid in which I participated in 20 years. I also tell there and it is much more original, behind the scenes of these actions that I experienced from the assault column. And then, above all, with the eyes of a former competitor and trainer and current mental trainer, the reflections, the thoughts, the joys, the sadness, the fears, the anger of an assault operator”.

Marco recounts this with sincerity, a lot of humor and hindsight, aware of the luck that has never left her. But doesn’t luck smile only on the daring? Always at the heart of the most dangerous actions, Marco also tells us about the boundless ambition of certain high-ranking officers who always seek to appropriate the success of such and such a mission. Throughout his work, Marco draws a parallel with what he experienced in competitive judo, which was for him an effective source of physical but also psychological training. He never gave up his sport. He has just obtained the “sixth dan” in the most brilliant way, since he was received major of the 2021 exam!

Today, Marc has converted to mental preparation and stress management. He gives conferences in different circles (business, sports, etc.). Having experienced this maximum stress, he knows what he is talking about.



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