A depleted Aurrera falls clearly against Club Deportivo Vitoria

Rafa Gutierrez

The rojillos, weighed down by numerous casualties and by Hodei’s expulsion after nine minutes, hardly bothered their opponent

A tough correction was received yesterday by Aurrera in his league debut in Olaranbe against Club Deportivo Vitoria. Second consecutive loss (0-3) against a clearly superior rival. Sergio Santano’s team was already starting the duel weighed down by the six casualties, some of them basic in their game scheme, and ended up being practically condemned nine minutes into the duel, when Hodei saw the direct red card after tripping from behind an opponent near the edge of the area when he was the last player.

So, in inferiority for eighty minutes, the rojillo side appealed to the fact that the minutes passed to somehow withstand the visitor’s push. Íñigo had warned by then and midway through the first act, Troncho executed a free kick that he hit on the left post of Julen’s goal. Until the 0-1 came. A cross from the left by Mada headed it into Joel’s own goal. The Vitoria team barely reached three quarters. A long shot from Aitor that went over Unai’s crossbar was Aurrera’s clearest approach before the break.

On the contrary, Vitoria could have sentenced the duel by then in a double chance, first with Íñigo’s shot that repelled the post again and then with Julen’s save to another shot from the visiting striker. But the shock was still open and everything. The idea of ​​​​Aurrera was to hold out until the final stretch with that short disadvantage to try to get a tie at least in one action. Íñigo put Unai to the test in a lateral free kick. It was the only time the visiting goalkeeper had to appear.

Shortly after the sentence would arrive with the other two goals from Vitora in two minutes. First from the aforementioned Íñigo when he took advantage of a loose ball at the far post and after Pablo after dribbling past the red goalkeeper and scoring on an empty goal. In short, a blow for Santano’s men, who will visit San Ignacio on Saturday.



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