39 children took part in the TSV Wettmar camp


After last year’s tent camp of TSV Wettmar only took place in the Westerfeldhalle due to the weather, this year it could take place on the own sports field with a clear sky. The tent camp was sponsored by Ina Kodetzki Immobilien. “Events like this cannot take place without local partners,” notes Jörg Bohlen, 1st Chairman of TSV Wettmar. “We would like to thank Mrs. Kodetzki, whose support made the camp possible in the first place.”

A total of 39 children from all departments of the club came together, who were allowed to devote themselves to different sports right from the start. Football was mostly played, but there was also a hobby horsing parcour and a mini table tennis table available to try out. The 8 to 12 year olds had fun shooting at a football dartboard and playing dodgeball together. The dojo of the judo department offered gymnastics and rolling exercises.

In the early evening there was a barbecue buffet for all the actors before they went on a nocturnal boss game with flashlights. Arriving back at the campsite, the children were allowed to bake stick bread at a fireplace and let the evening end with a film in the dojo. “Apart from a few minor injuries and an insect bite, we didn’t have much need for action,” sums up TSV youth warden Markus Geng, who also held the night watch with four other fathers.

Already at 7:30 a.m. the first ones who woke up started playing games again and whiled away the time until breakfast. Tired but visibly satisfied, the children started their journey home around noon.

“We would like to thank all participants, the supervisors from the departments and the parents, who helped us in every way,” adds Geng. At the end, each child received a badge as a memento and a “colorful bag”.


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