30 years after the first players of the city in the Argentine Basketball Team – Diario El Argentino de Gualeguaychú. online edition

Collaboration Roberto Morales.

The local women’s basketball had its beginnings almost hand in hand with the men’s, back in the 30s of the last century and, however, it was only possible to have an entity that grouped them in 1966, when the Basketball League was founded on January 29 Feminine of Gualeguaychú.

Before that, the activity of the clubs that had teams was limited to lightning home run tournaments or friendly matches against teams from the province and the Federal Capital.

However, many names of basketball players who were the pioneers of the discipline remained in the memory, such as Olimpia Crespo, “Mecha” Videla, Carmen and Nilda Broggi, to cite just four examples, who could not even integrate the local senior team. who played for the first time in a championship from Entre Ríos, in 1955 in Villaguay, since a team from Olimpia de Urdinarrain, directed by Julio Minkevich, did it on behalf of Gualeguaychú.

The years passed, the activity was organized and the growth began to be more evident.

Although the provincial titles arrived in the 1970s, when the selected ones were accumulating celebrations from children to adults, at the individual level our players had as their highest aspiration to join a squad from Entre Ríos to play the Argentine championships and, if they shone there, they were taken into account. account to form a national team. A very difficult path.

The reorganization of women’s basketball that took place towards the end of that decade began to change the course of the good players that Gualeguaychú always had, and thus not-so-unexpected calls arrived.

The local clubs were lucky enough to play in the national leagues and thus the best coaches in the country, including those of the Argentine national teams, began to show interest in those who stood out in the Youth Unida, Pueblo Nuevo and Racing Club squads, the first to take part.

Before that, Candela Larrivey, Paola Bulay and Natalia Plaza were brought in as reinforcements for the UPC missionary team, which was competing in League B.

Thus, in August 1992, the “José María Bértora” was played in the Provincial of Cadets and both Paola and Natalia formed part of the squad led by José Padilla, who had as assistant Martín Guastavino. Gualeguaychú fell in the final to Paraná by 73 to

Beyond the disappointment for the lost final, days later the coach of the national team, Eduardo Pintos, summoned Natalia Plaza and Paola Bulay, preselected to integrate the Argentine squad that had to face the III Sudamericano de Cadetas, in Asunción, Paraguay .

After intense training sessions at CEDENA, both basketball players made the final squad and became the first basketball players from Gualeguaychú to wear the albiceleste in official competitions.

Argentina’s performance in that tournament was outstanding and reached the final against Brazil, finally losing and becoming runner-up.

Paola and Natalia were important pieces in the Argentine team and played every game, almost always in the starting five.

Today, September 18, the Women’s Basketball Pre-Federal begins, and after 30 years of that achievement, both are still linked to local basketball, already from the role of sports leadership, as mothers of players and in their constant fight for the female basketball.

Transformed into enormous references for the players in training, and each one from their place continues to be protagonists accompanying the effort of our two clubs, Central Entrerriano and Juventud Unida, to face the Pre-Federal Women’s Basketball Tournament, 2022 edition. The dreams, the struggles, challenges and passion for basketball continue to be, without a doubt, a very important part of their lives.

At 30 years, the sport of our city greets you and thanks you for so much love of basketball.



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