23-year-old boy died. Panic in the night

He will have to answer the charge of having killed by blows pistol a 23 year old, and having injured a 30 year old in the leg. The accused is a 34-year-old, arrested by the carabinieri, who committed the crime last night outside a bar in Turbigo (Milan). Both the killer and the victims are Albanian nationals.

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The dynamics

He was beaten before his arrest by friends of the victim and is in serious condition the 34-year-old arrested for shooting a 23-year-old last night.

It all started with a party near a bar in via Allea Comunale, in Turbigo, with other compatriots when, at 11.00 pm, a quarrel broke out for futile reasons, among which, probably, there is some appreciation to a girl advanced by the 34 years old. Victim and murderer are Albanian nationals and were attending a birthday party in the club with a few dozen compatriots. The 34-year-old, also accused of injuring another party participant in the leg by firing the same 6.35 caliber pistol, was disarmed by the victim’s friends and kicked and punched until the arrival of the Legnano carabinieri who arrested him. The man was transported to the Gallarate hospital where he is on guard and in serious condition.

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