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Kazuyoshi Tatsunami, Hiromitsu Ochiai, Hitoki Iwase, Norichika Aoki, Michihiro Ogasawara, Chihiro Kaneko, Yukiko Ueno, Hakuho…
19 laws learned from teammates, rivals, and other sports by the right-handed ace who supported the golden age of Chunichi

The way you think will change the future. What is needed is not talent, but the ability to think.
“There is no pitcher who puts more intention into every pitch than he does.” Kazuki Yoshimi, who played an active role as an ace representing the golden age of the Chunichi Dragons with his pitching technique that impressed baseball officials. After his retirement, he not only works as a commentator, but also as a pitching coach for the Samurai Japan U12 National Team and as a technical advisor for the Toyota Motor Corporation baseball team, conveying the baseball theory and life lessons he cultivated during his active career. In his book, he summarizes his own experiences and the theories of growth he has learned from his teammates, rivals, and other sports.
“I thought it would be impossible for me to become a professional baseball player” and “There are a lot of pitchers who can throw balls faster than me”. He was called the ace of the Chunichi Dragons during the golden age. Mr. Yoshimi, who says, “I was originally the type to think things through,” asks what he thinks and what he notices about what he has experienced. This book is a book that introduces what he learned during his baseball life as 19 theories that will change the future.
“How you think can change the future.” Mr. Yoshimi asserts that the ability to think is the key to realizing the future you want. It is a book that summarizes recommendations for improving life, not just on the baseball field.


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