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Emotion rollercoaster against Slovacko |

Cologne celebrates goal party

This game was an emotional roller coaster!

Cologne gambled away a 2-0 lead against Slovacko – and still celebrated in the end.

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Adamyan (11th) and Dietz (42nd) put the Rhinelanders ahead with two goals after corners from Linton Maina (23rd).

Then comes the double strike of the Czechs!

Kalabiska (49′) and Petrzela (52′) equalized in just three minutes for Slovacko. And suddenly the people of Cologne are swimming.

Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart (50): “We didn’t get access and had to help ourselves with changes.”

Lucky for FC: Kalabiska is put down in the penalty area, but Referee Aranovskiy (Ukraine) lets it continue (55′). Slovacko captain Michal Kadlec angry: “That was a clear penalty for us. It’s bitter when the referee doesn’t see that, because we can take a 3-2 lead and then win.”

Instead, the Cologne use a penalty to 3:2. Ljubicic is fouled, kicks in himself and confidently hits the right corner (65′). Ösi also made it 4:2 (74th) – again after a template from Maina.

Nice: A week after the riots in Nice, in which 32 people were injured, everything remains peaceful in front of 47,700 fans at the home win. Cologne dances and cheers to the top of the Euro group and can dream of the round of 16…



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