◉ Boca today: Riquelme’s stick to River and Gallardo, the future of Agustín Rossi and latest news

News from Boca today, Tuesday, September 13. After the triumph in the Superclásico, Roman appeared on the scene and left some spicy phrases for the classic rival. In addition, he spoke of the negotiations with the goalkeeper for the renewal of his contract.

Get the latest news from Boca and all the news for today, Tuesday, September 13. With a precise header from Darío Benedetto, Xeneize won the Superclásico against River 1-0 at La Bombonera and took on the fight for the Professional League title. After the match, Juan Román Riquelme expressed his happiness, threw a stick at Marcelo Gallardo’s team and spoke about Agustín Rossi’s future. On the other hand, this afternoon Hugo Ibarra’s group resumes practices with Lanús in mind.

“De kung-fu”: Marcos Rojo’s kick to De La Cruz in Boca – River reached the English newspapers

The tremendous crossing of the former Manchester United to the Uruguayan in the Superclásico, which ended with the expulsion of the center-back, was classified in England as “brutal”.

The spicy Chicanas from Boca to Gallardo after the triumph in the Superclásico

From the xeneizes networks they reviewed the 1-0 in La Bombonera and threw several sticks at the millionaire DT for his controversial phrase at a press conference. They didn’t let it go…

Marcelo Gallardo

The great goal of the Boca Senior with Ibarra as the protagonist: “riquelmeano” pass to Delgado and Donnet’s definition

After the joy in the Superclásico against River, Negro jumped onto the field as captain of the category that brings together several xeneizes glories and he excelled in one of the goals in the victory against Quilmes. Look!

Ibarra - Senior Boca

The tremendous streak of Boca de Ibarra to catch fire in the fight and the unbeaten in La Bombonera

After an irregular start to his cycle, the DT managed to straighten the course and Xeneize is going through a remarkable string that allows him to get excited about the Professional League. Review the numbers.

Hugo Ibarra

Boca smiles: Riquelme’s positive record against River de Gallardo

Since Román returned to Boca as manager, the trend changed in the Superclásicos and he only lost once against River. Review it here.

Roman Gallardo

Riquelme, after Boca’s victory in the Superclásico: “River didn’t kick on goal”

“This group must be recognized as competing to the fullest and giving us a lot of joy. Yesterday they won a very difficult classic and River did not kick the goal. They have very good players and the players played a very serious game,” Román said in TyC Sports.


Boca gave River another blow in the annual table: how the positions were after the Superclásico

With the victory, Xeneize not only gained ground in the Professional League table but also in the general standings, where they displaced their eternal level. This is how things stayed.

Boca vs. River


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