▷ How to get better at Defense in NBA 2k23

Today we bring you a guide on how to improve defense in NBA 2k23.

What to know about defense in NBA 2k23?

It is an important game feature that has been seen in this new edition with many improvements. We can be very conscious of offense to win the games and we come to downplay the importance of defense as it turns out that factor is key to our quest for wins. Now if we want to know how to improve defense in NBA 2k23, let’s follow the content below closely.

How to improve defense in NBA 2k23?

The points scored by the opponent will be reduced if we consider how to improve the defense in NBA 2k23 adding this aspect of the game with the offense, we will be at the door of a victory with great certainty and ease and now for details search we have the following:

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    • Use turnovers: For defense, this is important as we force our opponent to stop taking advantage of our team, which ultimately kills his scoring opportunity, the important point being the center of the pitch.
    • Shadow Enemies: During each game we can use our players to defend with greater pressure the opponents that create the greatest danger and who remain hidden without having space to make moves, even leading to mistakes.
    • Substitution of exhausted players: It is of great importance to follow the game carefully because at half-time you have to notice if the defensive players get tired of changing them, thus maintaining a strong pressure against the opponent from start to finish.

    Now that we know how to improve defense in NBA 2k23 we can finally move on in this great game that is so busy.


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    Visual Concepts

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    2K Games


    Single player, multiplayer

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