World floorball championship for juniors starts in Katowice – Floorball –

Less than a month before the start of the championship, the organizers of the tournament faced an unpleasant surprise, as the participation of the Singapore U-19 national team, which was initially drawn in subgroup D together with Latvian juniors, was withdrawn from the tournament. However, the place did not remain empty for long, because a few days later, Austria responded to the invitation to join the group of participants of the world championship, which took the next position in the ranking. The previous tournament in which Austrian juniors participated was the 2018 World Championships, where they were ranked 12th. Similar to Singapore, the Russian juniors, who are not allowed to compete for reasons known to all, will not compete in the championship either. Italy’s junior girls will take Russia’s place in the tournament.

It must be emphasized that the tournament was originally supposed to be played in faraway New Zealand, but due to the restrictions of Covid-19, the competition was initially canceled, but then Poland applied for the organization and the competition will be held in the city of Kotovice. This will be the third time that the U-19 juniors compete for the leading places directly in Poland – in 2008, the national teams gathered in Babimost, Wolština and Zbašin, and in 2014 the medals were distributed in Babimost, Rakoniewice and Zbašin.

2022 World U-19 Junior Championship groups

A group

Country Place in the ranking
Finland 1
Switzerland 4
Poland 6
Germany 8

B group

Country Place in the ranking
Sweden 2
Czech Republic 3
Norway 6
Slovakia 7

C group

Country Place in the ranking
Canada 13
New Zealand 15
Hungary 17
Italy 19

D group

Country Place in the ranking
Australia 14
Latvia 5
Denmark 22
Austria 11


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