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That’s how we play in Qatar |

Our World Cup jerseys are here!

It’s been rumored for a long time, now it’s official.

The German World Cup jerseys for the tournament in Qatar (November 21 to December 18) are out.

The home jersey has a wide black vertical stripe on a white background. The font is made of “metallic gold”.

According to supplier Adidas, the shirt was inspired by Al Rihla, the official match ball of the World Cup. It is also intended to commemorate the first Germany jersey from 1908.

The new home jersey for the desert world cup


Spicy: The abolished slogan “Die Team” is still embroidered on the neck.

The name had repeatedly caused displeasure among fans because it is said to have stood for the alienation and commercialization of the national team – which is why it should actually be be abolished

The engraving on the neck

The engraving on the neck


National player Serge Gnabry (27) is quoted in a press release: “I like the new home jersey very much. The color combination harmonises, it will be an honor to play for Germany at the World Cup in this shirt.”

The new jerseys are available for sale in the Adidas shop – and surprise: The away kit is already sold out!

This is what the away kit looks like

This is what the away kit looks like


It is unclear since when the jersey has been available from Adidas. The DFB press release went out at 10 a.m….

This continues a tradition in the national team: In the past, the third jersey of the DFB team was mostly red.

The jerseys could already be seen weeks ago in a Tiktot video by rapper Pajel. Among other things, he appeared with Thomas Müller (32) and Gnabry singing a new song. Sitting on a couch, the two national players and Bayern stars move rhythmically to the song “So wie wir” that runs in the video.

The women’s national team will continue to play in the home shirt in the future. “It is a common jersey for Germany,” says the DFB statement. Away, however, the girls continue to wear the green jersey.



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