with wide triumphs of Argentina and Brazil, the South American began

The women’s basketball teams of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay debuted this Monday with victories in the South American that is played in the province of San Luis by beating Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador, respectively.

This tournament is a qualifying tournament for the Americup 2023, which grants places for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The excitement of the South American Women’s Championship, which takes place in San Luis, Argentina, began this Monday with four games. The Arena La Pedrera will host the matches of Group A throughout the Group Phase, while the Estadio Ave Fénix stadium, those of B.

In this first day, the host and current champion, Argentina, started with victory in Group A, as well as Paraguay. In Group B, Brazil and Chile celebrated.

This is what happened on Monday:

Chile 55 – 43 Uruguay

In the match that marked the beginning of the tournament, the Chilean team played at a high level in the last quarter and managed to unlock a duel that had been very close to end up winning against Uruguay, in Group B.

The partial of the australes in that final act was 22-11, thanks to a good display on both sides of the field, mainly in the final six minutes of the match. Uruguay took the lead 38-35, with a double plus an additional by Florencia Niski, subtracting 6:47 minutes to go, but from then on everything fell apart.

A triple by Fernanda Ovalle once again equalized the actions for Chile (38-38) and marked the beginning of a 14-0 streak, which was crowned by Javiera Novión with a double and another triple that made things 49-38, with only 2:19 minutes on the clock. It was a knockout for the Uruguayan with so little to go.

Ovalle, with 16 points and 8 rebounds, was the figure of the Chileans who, after giving up 13-9 in the first quarter, dominated the second (22-19) and the third (33-32). Novión added 9 points with 6 rebounds and 4 steals, while Constanza Cárdenas touched the double-double with 8 units and 13 rebounds.

Niski, with 11 points, was the leader of the charrúas who lost 18 balls and cost them 13 points against. Natasha Dolinsky and Emilia Larre Borges added 7 each and Florencia Somma had 18 rebounds, to which she added 4 points, three assists and a steal.

The progression in the sets was: 9-13, 13-6, 11-13 and 22-11.

Ecuador 52 – 57 Paraguay

The experienced Paola Ferrari, an emblem of the Paraguayan national team, once again showed her offensive quality and with 22 points led her team to victory in Group A, against a quintet from Ecuador that fought until the end. Paola added seven rebounds, four assists and stole a ball to her roster.

The Paraguayans marked the course of the game, mainly by controlling the rebounds. They took 51 for 32 from their rivals and only conceded five offenses. That allowed them to contain an opponent who was always struggling, while on the other side Ferrari, who although he did not have his best day from the perimeter (20-6, including 15-4 in triples), did hole in key moments and from the personal line (from 7-6).

Natalia Quevedo also contributed in good form with 12 points and Marta Peralta added 11 and 9 rebounds. María Caraves was key under the rim with 14 rebounds, 6 offensive.

Paraguay had a maximum advantage of 11 (41-30) at the height of the third leg, but the Ecuadorians never lowered their arms and approached 4 (45-41) after just over two minutes of the last, with a triple by Paulina Vaicekauskas . The parity continued, however, Ecuador did not capitalize on several opportunities, instead the Guarani did and the final break came with a double by Peralta under the basket, which put things 55-45, with 1:19 to go.

For the southerners, the 15-year-old teenager, Blanca Quiñonez, left a pleasant impression with 18 units (6-6 free throws) and 5 rebounds. Vaicekauskas followed with 11 points.

The progression in the partials was: 15-15, 11-18, 10-10 and 16-14.

Brazil 74 – 45 Colombia

Those led by José Neto imposed their physical power under the rim and showed great depth to go over their similar team from Colombia with a large scoreboard, in a Group B match.

Brazil largely dominated the paint by scoring 32 points in that area to only 14 of their rivals and shooting 46% from double shots (39-18). The internal game established it very early and Colombia could never find answers. The game opened in the second quarter by going 40-21 at halftime. At that point the advantage in units under the basket was 20-2.

The difference continued to widen (60-33 at the end of the third period) due to the fact that the Brazilian substitutes did not slow down, on the contrary they sunk their foot further into the accelerator and finished with 45 points to 25 from the Colombian bench.

Forward Leila Zabani, off the bench, led the winners’ attack with 12 counters, while center Kamilla Soares added 10 and 12 rebounds. Point guards Débora Costa and Alana Gonçalo contributed 9 points and 5 assists each.

For the coffee pots, Mabel Martínez and Mayra Caicedo both finished with 8 points.

The progression in the partials was: 20-14, 20-7, 20-12 and 14-12.

Venezuela 44 – 79 Argentina

Only one quarter resisted Venezuela, then it was all of the host team that with a great defense and a fluid offensive did not leave any doubts in its debut in Group A and prevailed convincingly

Argentina dominated in all facets of the attack, but what began to set the pace was with their game in transition. After a relatively even first quarter (22-14), those led by Gregorio Martínez, definitively took off in the second half by 39-21 with a partial of 17-7. From then on there was no turning back and the dominance of the Albicelestes became more and more evident.

The hostesses got 21 points in transition for just 2 of the Venezuelans. They also overwhelmed in points after losses 25-6, points in the paint 38-22, and off the bench 32-13.

Luciana De la Barba and Andrea Boquete were the best scorers with 17 and 14 points, respectively. The 12 Argentine players who stepped on the court were present on the scoreboard. For Venezuela, the base Mariana Durán contributed 9 units, Daniela Wallen and Waleska Pérez, 7 each.

The progression in the partials was: 14-22, 7-17, 13-23 and 10-17.

The South American will continue this Tuesday and will end on Saturday. The top four teams will qualify for the Americup, which grants places for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

South American Women San Luis 2022 – Fixture

Mars 2/8

14:30 | Colombia vs. Chile (Group B, at Ave Fénix Stadium, San Luis Capital)

16:30 | Paraguay vs. Venezuela (Group A, at Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes)

18:30 | Uruguay vs. Brazil (Group B, at Ave Fénix Stadium, San Luis Capital)

20:30 | Argentina vs. Ecuador (Group A, at Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes)

Wednesday 8/3

14:30 | Uruguay vs. Colombia (Group B, at Ave Fénix Stadium, San Luis Capital)

16:30 | Venezuela vs. Ecuador (Group A, in Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes)

18:30 | Brazil vs. Chile (Group B, at Ave Fénix Stadium, San Luis Capital)

20:30 | Paraguay vs. Argentina (Group A, at Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes)

Friday 5/8

3rdA vs. 4th B (in Estadio Ave Fénix, San Luis Capital) -Reclassification 1 from 5th to 8th

3°B vs. 4th A (in Estadio Ave Fénix, San Luis Capital) -Reclassification 2 from 5th to 8th

1°A vs. 2°B (in Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes) -Semifinal 1

1°B vs. 2°A (in Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes) – Semi-final 2

Saturday 6/8

Loser Reclassification 1 vs. Loser Reclassification 2 (at Estadio Ave Fénix, San Luis Capital) – For 7th place

Winner Reclassification 1 vs. Reclassification Winner 2 (at Estadio Ave Fénix, San Luis Capital) – For 5th place

Semifinal loser 1 vs. Loser Semifinal 2 (at Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes) – For 3rd place

Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semifinal 2 (at Arena La Pedrera, Villa Mercedes) – For the Championship

* All tournament matches will be broadcast live through the official FIBA ​​channel and the platform.



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