With more than 250 adolescents, a new edition of the program “The University and you” was carried out

With the aim of linking students from the District’s schools with the National University of La Matanza (UNLaM), the General Sports Coordination, dependent on the University Extension Secretariat, organized a new edition of the inclusion program “The University and you ”.

The project, which has been carried out for more than five years at UNLaM, promotes values ​​and articulates education policies, through sports activities such as volleyball, karate, judo and physical preparation, together with teachers from this House of Higher Studies.

On this occasion, educational authorities of the District participated in the experience, such as Leonardo Troncoso, Director of Physical Education of the Province of Buenos Aires; María Sesana, regional chief of La Matanza; Roxana Cei, Head of District 2; and Mariela Mataran, Physical Education inspector of the District Headquarters 2.

Through this program and other projects, UNLaM reaffirms its constant commitment to the territory, which, on this occasion, is carried out by practicing sports as a tool that teaches and educates hundreds of people with values. teenagers.

Those who are interested in participating in any of the meetings of “The University and you” can call 4480-8900, extension 8822, or write to the email address



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