Will Hložek go on loan? In Germany, it is starting to be speculated that he should play in the Bundesliga in one of the weaker teams

Adam Hložek came to Leverkusen more like a great talent who will gradually improve and fight for a place in the lineup. Instead, however, he started all the matches and was not missing from the starting line-up twice. However, Bayer is having a disastrous start to the season. And he recently faced questions from fans.

It can be said that Adam Hložek was the only reinforcement of Bayer Leverkusen in the summer. Otherwise, only players who returned from the loan were added to the team. And he pays for exactly that in the new season right from the start. He lost four times in four competitive duels.

However, even before the fourth loss, he faced questions from the fans. And one of them was headed for a bad start. “Of course, we all imagined the start differently. We know it’s not ideal, but I believe we’ll break it and ride a winning wave,” Hložek let himself be heard.

Among other things, the former Sparta star admitted that he likes everything in Leverkusen. Be it teammates, fans or the stadium. At first he was said to be nervous because he was going to a new country and a new league. But now he feels great.

And how to annoy Patrik Schick? “I think the best way to piss Patrick off is to shoot him in some PlayStation shooter,” he revealed.

One of the fans wanted the 20-year-old footballer to compare the German and Czech leagues. Hložek perceives the biggest difference in commitment, speed and atmosphere in the stadiums. As he said, there is less time for everything in the match.

Hungry fans understandably want their favorites to finally win the trophy. That’s why they were clinging to the cup. But they were eliminated in the first round. With an unsuccessful start in the league, the fight for the title will also be tough. And then there’s only the Champions League left. Hložek et al. but they say they will try, even if it will be difficult.

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