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Enrico Berlinguer (pron. Berlinguer, AFI: [berliŋˈɡwɛr], listens[?·info]; Sassari, May 25, 1922 – Padua, June 11, 1984) was an Italian politician.

Active in Sardinian anti-fascism, in 1943 he joined the Communist Party. After the war he was one of the main architects of the reconstitution of his youth organization, the FGCI, which he led until 1956. In 1962 he entered the PCI secretariat and became head of the foreign section. Elected general secretary of the party in 1972, he maintained this role until his premature death, which occurred after an illness which occurred during a rally.

It played a role of great importance in the international communist movement with the initiation of a process of distancing from the Soviet Union and the elaboration of an alternative model that took the name of Eurocommunism. In the national scenario, he theorized and tried to realize, collaborating with Aldo Moro, the historical compromise. He is also remembered for having raised the moral question regarding the ways of managing power by the Italian political parties.

A very popular character, he was respected by his opponents and loved by his militants, so much so that more than a million people attended his funeral in Rome; never in republican Italy had there been a manifestation of such magnitude towards a political figure. On the emotional wave of his death, the PCI in the 1984 European elections surpassed the Christian Democrats in consensus for the first and only time (33.33% against 32.97%).

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Ophiuchus IAU.svg

The Rho Ophiuchi cloud it is a giant molecular cloud composed partly of bright ionized hydrogen and largely of dark dust; owes its name to the star that dominates the region in which it is located, ρ Ophiuchi, located three degrees north of Antares, in the constellation of Ofiuco.

With an average distance of just 130 parsecs (420 light years), it is one of the closest star-forming regions to the solar system; it belongs to the same galactic environment of the Scorpius-Centaurus association, from whose perturbations originated the initial compression that initiated the star formation processes within it. Morphologically it appears divided into two main clouds, indicated with the initials LDN 1688, which constitutes the larger nucleus, and LDN 1689, of lower mass; several dark nebulous filaments are connected to both clouds.

Thanks to its proximity, this cloud constitutes an interesting field of research on the evolution of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs, as well as a laboratory for the study of chain star formation phenomena.

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Ōtsuchi wind phone 5.jpg

ll wind phone (wind phone kaze no denwa?) is a telephone booth located in Ōtsuchi, Iwate prefecture, Japan, thanks to which visitors can pretend to have conversations with deceased loved ones. Initially created by garden designer Itaru Sasaki in 2010 to help him cope with the death of his cousin, the phone was opened to the public the following year after an earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed over 15,000 people in the region. Tōhoku. Since then, the wind phone has welcomed over 30,000 visitors and has been replicated in different parts of the world, as well as being used as inspiration for several novels and films.

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It is that my character is bad, it is not good, it is not tender, and immediately, when I meet presumption and cowardice that enter the territory of innocence and weakness as masters, I would like to take up arms, I would like to take a scimitar, and drop of infected heads. But I would turn into one of them, and therefore, away with desire.
Anna Maria Ortese

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Kamakura is the ancient capital of Japanhas a large number of very visited temples, but it is also a popular seaside destination in the summer by the many Tokyo inhabitants in search of refreshment.



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