Why do some tennis pros hate their job?

Torn inside: Nick Kyrgios sometimes struggles with his career choice.
Image: AFP

Whether Agassi, Borg, McEnroe or Steffi Graf: a number of tennis stars struggled to triumph and asked themselves: Why am I a professional? But even in the absence of love, success is possible. This is also shown by Nick Kyrgios.

NNick Kyrgios always sees himself surrounded by opponents. The guy on the other side of the net disputes his sporting success. Halfway up the tennis court someone is sitting on the referee’s chair, who is ruining the game for Kyrgios with his decisions. There are spectators in the stands who occasionally make racist remarks about the Australian, whose father is of Greek descent and his Malaysian mother are obvious.

And then there are the damned media representatives who criticize Kyrgios’ way of life because he prefers to hang out in clubs or on basketball courts at night and treat himself to a beer or two instead of exhausting his potential on the tennis court during the day. However, like almost all tennis players, Nick Kyrgios fights the biggest battles with himself. However, during his professional career, he is struggling with the great inner turmoil of having chosen a profession that makes his life miserable.



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