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Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk : Who’s good at who? The boxing world including Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson predicts who will win the revenge-laden rematch.

Anthony Joshua is the underdog against Usyk in this weekend’s rematch in Saudi Arabia. Underdog is not a position AJ has been in before in his career and he has it all to do in the Saudi Arabia rematch on Saturday. Following a 12-round unanimous loss in September, the bookmaker favored Usyk 1/2 to win. Here are the predictions of boxers and observers:

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Tyson Fury
Fury was linked with returning to fight the winner but blow for England fans, he opted against AJ. He told Gareth A Davies: after the rematch was announced: “In heavyweight boxing, it only takes one hit. So Joshua can definitely land a big hit, but I think Usyk is too cute for him. Too smart, too fast, and left-handed.”
Prediction: Usyk

John Fury
Fury’s dad has gone the other way and has a funny feeling that Joshua could avenge the loss.
John said on talkSPORT: “Don’t be surprised if AJ does. I have another sneaky hunch that AJ will and he has an amazing way of getting back on his feet, doesn’t he.”
Prediction: Joshua

Mike Tyson
The youngest heavyweight champion of all time gave no direct prediction of who would win, but knew AJ would have a tough night ahead.

He said on Instagram Live: “It will be difficult to beat him. It will be difficult to beat Usyk because he is fast and he beat Joshua with his jab. Joshua has to learn to deal with his punches.”

Deontay Wilder
The former world champion’s colleague was much more outspoken when giving his judgment on the fight.
Wilder told EsNEWS: “I’m going with Usyk, man.

“I’m going with Usyk. A lot of people. But you know what I mean, it’s boxing at the end of the day, so the world will see. But my choice is Usyk.”
Prediction: Usyk

Andy Ruiz Jr
The last time AJ was in a must-win rematch, he beat Andy Ruiz Jr for 12 rounds in Saudi – but the Mexican-American couldn’t keep him and Usyk apart.


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