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Speaking of the hitter who showed the most shocking performance at Koshien this summer, it would be Shogo Asano (Takamatsusho). He threw the ball into the wide Koshien Stadium in three directions: the deepest part in the middle of the right, the left wing, and the back screen. He is 171 centimeters tall and weighs 86 kilograms.

As a player from Takamatsu, “Sanuki no Kaidou” is regarded as a big player since Futoshi Nakanishi (former Nishitetsu). Naturally, he will be one of the top nomination candidates at this fall’s draft meeting, but which team is aiming for Asano? While sorting out the team situation of each baseball team, let’s find a strong nomination candidate.

Shogo Asano of Takamatsu Sho, who hit three homers at Koshien this summer
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Acquisition of Asano is the next five teams

[C rank]Chunichi, Softbank, Rakuten, Lotte, Nippon-Ham

First of all, it is these five teams that are difficult to get the image of acquiring Asano. Chunichi acquired three right-handed outfielders, including Kenta Bright and Kojo Ukai, at last year’s draft meeting. Although the lack of slugging power is a weak point, it is difficult to think that he will nominate an outfielder who can not be crushed for the second consecutive year. It would be better to acquire a shortstop who can compete with Yota Kyoda and Ryuku Tsuchida.

Softbank is a team that emphasizes potential, but the strong hitter type seems to prioritize good physique, such as picking Tomoya Inoue two years ago. Also, since there are many athlete-type materials with good physiques in this year’s draft front, Softbank may avoid Asano.

Rakuten acquired four right-handed high school outfielders at last year’s draft meeting, including Soji Yoshino and Ginji Maeda. It seems that there are other reinforcement points that should be prioritized, such as the next-generation guerrilla regular candidate.

Nippon-Ham has traditionally had a policy of “nominating the number one player of the year in the first draft”. Nonetheless, this season, under the policy of BIG BOSS coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo, the emphasis has been on determining strength in both pitching and hitting, and the game has been unstable from beginning to end. Rather than acquiring material-type players, it seems that he will run to acquire ready-to-use strength that will add flowers to the opening of the new stadium next year.



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