where do Celtics players vacation?

Now that the NBA season is over, it’s vacation time! Great League players still have a few weeks off free time in front of them to take it easy in the sun, have a shovelful of cocktails… or not. Hey, it’s true that everyone has their own definition of the word “vacation”, so for you the editorial staff of TrashTalk looked for where the members of the Celtics decided to escape. Massachusetts is nice, but it still frankly lacks fun.

NB: these destinations are most often imaginary and have the sole purpose of making you smile, even if they are sometimes based on the real holidays of the players mentioned.

Jayson Tatum

For Jayson Tatum, holidays are never without Deuce. Besides, nothing is ever done without Deuce. JT’s son is king and does whatever he wants. Deuce does the interviews, Deuce at the press conference, Deuce at the shootaround, Deuce here, Deuce there, sorry little one but it must be said that we only see you. Seems even like Deuce himself reportedly asked the Celtics to put Jaylen Brown in the package to lure Kevin Durant. No messing around, cute but already very perverted the little one.

Jaylen Brown

After a busy season, Jaylen Brown is enjoying her vacation. After a trip on the side of Paris, the back of the C’s flew towards Barcelona, ​​in Catalonia. On the program, visit of the city and small obligatory detour by the mythical Sagrada Família. As a high-end tourist, JB even got a guided tour of Camp Nou. Well, on the other hand, at Barça, it’s a bit of a mess financially, so the club had to use a fifth economic lever to offer a jersey to Jaylen Brown. Ah, I am told in the headset that Jules Koundé will not finally see the field this season. Like what, the happiness of some is necessarily the misfortune of others.

Malcolm Brogdon

Malcolm Brodgon is definitely a classy guy all the way. In addition to being a model teammate, the neo Celtic take advantage of his holidays to devote himself to his foundation. This summer, ‘Com flew to Tanzania to help children in need. To teach them the basics of basketball, the leader also embarked Tim Frazier and Anthony Tolliver in his luggage. Well, well, that’s for sure, kids will never become cracks. Besides Myles Turner was also in the game. But wait… Myles Turner? But it is tampering that officer!

Marcus Smart

Always just crowned the title of defender of the year, Marcus Smart has found a small summer job in a big Californian nightclub. Hard on the man and always very lucid defensively, it is logical that the leader was hired as a bouncer. Well then, on the other hand, the guy didn’t understand anything and let absolutely no one in. When you are told nobody, it’s really nobody, since even this poor James Harden who came to watch two or three boulards was turned back at the entrance by Marcus Smart. Really not DPOY for nothing, hey.

Danilo Gallinari

Just landed in Massachusetts (I never wish you to have to write this blase), Danilo Gallinari has not had much time to enjoy Boston. Yes, sir is an Italian international and must prepare the EuroBasket with his selection. By the way, for our readers with a memory capacity capable of going back as far as last week, you will surely remember that Danilo was spotted sending a big triple to equalize right on the face of our Blues just 23 seconds from the end. He would have done better to stay in Boston that one.

Grant Williams

Honestly, you don’t even have to look where Grant Williams is vacationing. For sure, the dude is still hovering above the Milwaukee floor. Since his monstrous Game 7, the guy has set up a small camp in the Bucks racket. Air-conditioned room (important to cool a guy who puts on seven triples), sleeping bag and small campfire on the Wisconsin floor, Grant is definitely living his best life.

Payton Pritchard

Determined to scratch more minutes next season, Payton Pritchard works like crazy during the summer. Well, the guy is a bit weird and decided to add an extra difficulty by flying to Oregon to prepare. We still knew better as a destination to work, but let’s move on. There, the boy gives everything he has to progress. Work in the pool with dumbbells to strengthen the muscles, or how to combine business with pleasure. Obviously, PP is doing a bit too much, since the man even almost drowned. On the other hand, there is no question of giving him word of mouth, we will rather take a nice photo for Instagram, so check out the last slide.

Robert Williams

Finally, holidays or not, nothing really changes for Robert Williams. It’s very simple, the pivot blocks everything that moves. Robert Williams blocks the ring road, Robert Williams blocks his blue card or Robert Williams blocks the elevator with his big shoulders, this bugger is a real hassle on a daily basis. A little subtlety of the summer, however, Robert Williams was himself blocked by his ex on the networks, and we can tell you that it made him very funny. The sprinkler finally watered…


So there, no idea what to do with Al-Horford on his vacation, grandpa completely disconnects from the networks during the off-season. Well given the type of the guy, we bet you what you want that the guy is in slibard on a Caribbean beach listening to reggae with a glass of whiskey in his right hand. Probably in the process of redoing the best highlights of his Atlanta years. Nah, no messing around, the guys managed to squeeze in Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Paul Millslap and Al-Horford on an All-Star Game floor. It’s very strong gentlemen, hats off.

Luke Kornet

We would have really liked to tell you what Luke Kornet is doing on his vacation, but it is impossible to know. Already, the pivot does not have Instagram so complicated to follow him, but in addition when we asked him face to face what he was trafficking in his summer, impossible to hear him! With his 2m18, the guy culminates so high that it’s hard to grasp what he’s talking about. However, we passed him a megaphone to try to capture a few words, but nothing to do, the sound does not reach us. Where we were just too lazy to look for more, choose the option that suits you.

So which program excites you the most? Here, we would go to visit the Camp Nou with Jaylen Brown, even if for the shirt, it may be complicated. In any case, we are going back to watching Grant Williams’ Game 7 while waiting for the next investigation.

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